Romney and Obama – The Great Debate

By the time this article comes out the Great Debate will be a part of the history of our once great nation.  Will Romney persevere?  Or will Obama turn the tables?  This debate could very well decide the 2012 Election.  For the five of you out there still stupid enough to buy into this shit in the smallest degree, I hope it is your children who are the first to die in World War III, which, for your information, is already under way, as the US’s proxy Turkey and the Russian proxy Syria are trading lead as you are reading this article.

Barry the Rat Obama has a strike team ready to start hammering Northern Africa in retaliation for the CIA Mossad hit on Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi.  US troops are stationed on the Jordanian/Syrian border.  A Russian commercial flight was forced to land in Turkey where Russian citizens were mistreated and denied access to representatives of their embassy.  Japan is thinking about invading some islands that belong to China.  The US dollar is destined to crash which should put the world in a depression by Christmas, which should lead to a world famine right in the middle of a world war.

But not to worry, Obama and Romney exchanged campaign slogans last night, complete with a few zingers that will be made into a skit on Saturday Night Live this weekend.  And really, that is what is important.

I have to believe that those taking this fraudulent election seriously are few and far in between.  But for those who do, rest assured the rest of us are looking at you with disgust as you are pathetic in your lack of intelligence and simple logistical aptitude.

You are beyond salvation and as pitiful as you are, we are still going to have to destroy you. Not because you possess any ability to stand against us, but rather for your stupidity, which adds affirmation, no matter how small, to the blatant propaganda being used for these stalling tactics.  You are the stupid who have been kept in positions of advantage for nothing more than your adherence to stupidity.  And this makes you dangerous.

Like Ole Yeller, it is a pity that you have become inflicted with this incurable mental disease, but the fact is you have become rabid and for our safety and really for your own good, you are going to have to be put down.  Enjoy your election, mush minds.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

7 thoughts on “Romney and Obama – The Great Debate

  1. When both parties agree beforehand as to what can and cannot be discussed, and what questions will be asked, it’s not really a debate, is it?

    This will be just another infomercial, trying to sell the illusion of choice to a nation of idiots, and the only possible positive outcome depends on the audience stringing up the two of them.

  2. I don’t even know why i watch these things.They are asked direct questions and always seem to start their answers with “well let me start by saying this” and never answer the question.I could have spent the time doing something important like taking a dump and reading mad magazine.At least i would have learned something.

    1. Obama’s infamous conversation starters

      “Let me start by saying this…”
      “Well…let me be clear…”

      Romney’s infamous conversation starters

      “In the private sector….”
      “Let me ask you something….”

  3. We should all agree not to vote and demand a new beginning with new ‘contestants.’ Or perhaps make them both learn how to work together as a new start on COMMUNICATION – – which is not happenin’ anywhere very well with regard to gov’t or governing or whatever. Too bad we can’t turn our back and ignore them while we set up a NEW Congress, pull out the Constitution and Bill of Rights, paste THEM on billboards everywhere and continue our lives in a NEW way . . . but we already know that if you represent the Constitution or Bill of Rights – you are a ‘terrrist’ as one of the ‘tigers we got by the tale’ said while he was playing … Captain of the Goat Stories . . . we all need to take this minute and totally BE in it. On a Higher Level we DO have our UNITY to change this s*

  4. I don’t even watch these debates and its like Jolly Roger said.
    These boring talks are just for stupid people who ignore the reality around them like my family. They still believe the president can do things, believe mainstream media is all true and the internet are lies.
    Just let them waste their time.

  5. Many people think Washington will be changed overnight with a new guy in the executive office, or that you will ever have a ‘perfect’ policy on every issue; let us remember the perfect is the enemy of the good. After the Earl of Sterling (who had a distinguished career in the UK Defense industry) revealed in 2008 what a neo-con and Zionist originated attack on Iran would mean for the rest of the world (sleeper teams releasing designer viruses effectively shutting down world commerce in a matter of weeks) one wonders why Mr. Romney’s backers are still pursuing this goal like they did with Mr. Bush (W.). To date, despite his faults, Mr. Obama remains the only American president with the moxie to stand up against the Israeli right wing.

  6. Even though I’m not a voter, I can see that the elections where over in August when the RNC refused to let Ron Paul become the peoples choice. Obomney was selected. The November “ballot show” is just a distraction for the up-coming war against Iran and the crippling global economic meltdown. Luckily, I’ve got enough popcorn stored to last me until …

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