Ron Paul, Deregulation, and the American Entrepreneur

You hear it every day from every quarter, “Deregulate and our country will prosper.”  I have mentioned before how big corporations try to categorize themselves in with small businesses and even we the people when it comes to the need for deregulation.  The fact is big corporations dictate regulations through the politicians they have bought and paid for.  Regulations in the United States, as constructed by the big corporations, are specifically designed for one purpose, and that is to create a monopoly on manufacturing.

Think about it, I have.  Being out of work for more than two years, I have been working the problem ad nauseam.  Metal fabrication and mechanics have always been a mainstay in my family.  Therefore it would seem logical that as big business, through its downsizing for profit has eliminated any hope of obtaining a living wage job, I should be able to organize my family and start producing products for sale without restriction.

One of my sons currently works in computer drafting for a fairly good size machine shop.  All of my sons and my nephews have high aptitude when it comes to design, welding, and metal products production.  If we saved our money and acquired the necessary tools to begin producing custom products made of metal, you would think if we know what we are doing, we should be able to start and build a business from the ground up.

Not so, as we would also be looking at city, state, and federal licensing requirements, insurance requirements, and you will not start a shop in your garage on your private property as the fire marshals would not approve, even if your garage was made of non-flammable material.  Don’t forget the zoning laws.  And if you wanted to make your business mobile, you would be running into a whole different string of regulations and fees.

So what if you just say, “The hell with it” and do it anyway?  Well it is a fact that the Mexicans have large drug operations making billions of dollars a year, which law enforcement can’t seem to find the time to stop.  However, you should have no doubt, they will come to your house, kick in your door, and confiscate your equipment and shut you down for failure to comply if you should start running the aforementioned fabricating business.

Why?  Because the giant corporations, who are running our country will not allow any business in this country to exist that does not benefit them.  And they sure as hell will not allow competition.  Think about it.  They deregulate the investment banks in getting rid of Glass-Stiegel and put the resources towards police raids on lemon-aid stands.   Make no mistake, these international corporations have orchestrated and put in place a system wherein our natural resources cannot be manufactured unless the profits are going to them.

This is what I mean when I say if we can get Ron Paul into office, he will take the regulation that we the people are being controlled under away.  After which, by the millions, we can create our own jobs and start manufacturing our raw resources here in the US again.  And as we are Americans and will be producing a superior product, the giant corporations are going to find their Chinese and Indian produced products going back the way from whence they came.

This recent raid on the Gibson factory in Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee is causing a lot of speculation.  Well here is some of my own.  It is orchestrated.  This is propaganda.  It is designed to get the American people to embrace big business and see it as themselves and to get us shouting “Deregulate, deregulate”.

We have to keep our minds straight here.  This is a conflict between them and us.  They are not us.  We are being run over and they are the ones running us over.  I do not want a country wherein the only way I can work is to work for the corporate lord.  I want to be free to create and produce my own product for sale, in direct competition, in a free market.

The money giant corporations spend in complying with the regulations they have created is nothing more than a little overhead to them, whereas to those among us who would want to start a business, it is an insurmountable barrier.

Don’t be fooled by these bastards.  Look around your house, at your TV, stereo, and DVD player, produced by these American corporations manufacturing your resources in India and China.  This junk is just that, disposable junk designed to fail, which could not compete with an American made product on an even playing field.

Tell me this.  In today’s economy, if you had the choice, would you buy one of these Chinese DVD players that fail within a year for $40 if you could buy one made in the USA with metal construction and quality control that would last for ten years for $150?  Remember what made America great was that everybody wanted our products because they were superior because our workers took pride in their manufacture.  Remember the old saying, “I’ll put my name on my work.”  What fostered this pride was the standard of living it provided for the American worker.

Do not look at these corporations in any way as being a part of us.  They are not.  They have been working for a hundred years to de-industrialize our country to their profit and our demise.

Let’s put Ron Paul into office and reinstate our Republic under our Constitution, and in doing so deregulate our people while taking control of our natural resources.  We as individuals in the hundreds of millions can easily bring these multi-billion dollar corporations to their knees, as they will not be able to compete with our ingenuity and aptitude, as they represent nothing more than hereditary money and power that has allowed individuals, who are not really that bright, to take control over the lives of the most creative and innovative people to ever exist on this planet.

Within the industrial war complex these lesser human beings are growing fat from the life’s blood of our young people being killed in their money wars.  We will further bring them to an even playing field by forcing them to move away from war production or go bankrupt.

This isn’t rocket science.  NAFTA. CAFTA, GATT, and every other free trade agreement are nothing more than corporate backed treason that is taking the manufacture of American resources out of the American people’s hands.  Do not fall for their propaganda.  They are in no way a part of us.  They want to enslave us and in the end, kill us as it has come to the point that the only way they can have more is to liquidate our lives.

We are the American people of the American race and united we are going to take this country back.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Henry,
    What your saying is so true. Where the problem comes in (at least for me) is that we the people are flat ass broke and are forced to buy the cheap imported shit or go without. There are a lot of things that I’ve gone without for this very reason. Unfortunatly we can’t do that all of the time. A good example of that happened to me last week. My wife is lucky to still have a job. The wheel bearing in her car went out and she has to have it for work or take my truck that uses twice the amount of gas. I priced the part…….. I could buy a imported bearing for $39.99…… or I could buy a USA made Timkin bearing for $110.00. Which one do you think that I was forced to buy. And it pisses me off to think that are Government has put it’s own people in this position. In this case I was forced to buy something I didn’t want because of the price. So tell me how our government can allow another country to ship and sell products in this country for less then we can sell our own. Other countries don’t allow us to do that!!!!!!!! They apply huge tarriffs to our products and make damn sure that it will cost their people much more to buy American made products. This country needs a complete re-build…….. all the way down to the way the average American thinks. Most don’t even see WTF is going on here. I mean 40% are getting some type of Government assistance! Are you kidding me????????? 40% of Americans are already dependant on the Government to survive! The American people had better learn how to survive on their own. The shit is going to hit the fan very soon and they had better be ready for it or they will die due to lack of preperation on their part. Which is just what our Government is banking on.

    1. lock-n-load,
      Most of those on welfare and food stamps are forced to be in the same way you were forced to buy that inferior foreign bearing. People have to eat or they will die. NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT are documented treason enacted against the will of the people. We are in the same situation our founding fathers were in that we are being taxed by a government in which we have no representation.
      They call this a recession. Just think of the pressure our enemies are applying to hold us down. They are literally spending money to keep us from prospering. And the fact is everyone can see it now. All we have to do now is come to the realization that we are going to have to punch that bully in the nose and just do it.
      I too have been force to buy inferior products through the economic coercion. But we could turn it around and quick. One of us starts making a product that not only can be used by another of us to make a different product, but requires another of us to make another product that we need to make our product. This is not rocket science, we are witnessing a deliberate de-industrializing of our nation and we will either put an end to it, or doom our grandchildren to slavery.

  2. It is definitely no secret that when the United States of America changed from an industrial based economy to a service based economy, we were doomed to go bankrupt. Disassembling all our factories and sending the steel and other stuff over to China and other foreign lands was the epitaph on the tombstone of America businesses. This prevailing attitude in Washington that acts such as NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT are necessary to help the people of the world while benefiting us is an absurd lie, like you said, it’s treason! It wasn’t too long ago when some imported products seemed superior to American made products. Back in 1999, I had reached my limit with every Chevy vehicle I owned falling apart within five years or less, and other brands such as Ford were doing no better. I purchased a Toyota 4Runner in December of 1999 and it is still running great! Now, on the surface that could make imports seem better, but think about it, when America is only allowed to have big corporations, and they pay their workers low wages, it’s really no wonder the product isn’t as good as it could be. It’s also no secret that big corporations don’t want products made that last long, they want repeat business. When the government bailed out General Motors, it was no different than bailing out the banks. Who knows how many Americans in this country there are that could make cars so well built that Japan and other countries would be demanding imports from us! I keep holding on, hoping to hang on long enough to see Ron Paul get into office and start making the necessary changes this country needs.

  3. Hi Henry:

    Is there a way I can contact you without posting? I want to run something by you, before I do that.

  4. Henry,
    You’re right. Many of the people excepting government funding had no choice to do so. However my point is this. People sometimes have to do things that they don’t want to just to survive. But what are most people doing to get out of that position? Probably looking for jobs that don’t exsist! So what I’m saying is they had better come up with another plan to get away from any government assistance. I have bags and bags of frozen foods, canned foods, meat ECT that cost me next to nothing but work. People need to get up and do whatever it takes to help themselves and say fuck the government and their assistance because it’s going to come to and end.

    1. I too have food stashes, a green house, and am surrounded by forests with rivers running through them that offer abundance to those who can access it. The hard fact is most of the people live in cities. Mind you if I lived in a city I would still have some kind of garden going and be accumulating food.
      Tell me this, is it going to be all right with you when you find yourself shooting your own people who will be trying to take the food you have stored for their children, while those who caused this shit go unpunished? It is just like the theft of our $30 trillion, they want us to turn against one another and cut one another’s throats in order to pay off the debt while ignoring the fact that the debt exists only because they stole $30 trillion from us.
      I don’t care if my neighbor is getting welfare and food stamps. He or she is not taking that out of anyone’s paycheck. And I have no doubt that if welfare and food stamps were ended today, we would still be paying the same taxes tomorrow. The only difference would be that those monies would be going into the pockets of the filthy rich who stole our $30 trillion instead of going to take care of poor people. And as the money would be in the coffers of the rich, it would cease being circulated through our economy, hence more jobs lost and more welfare and food stamps being needed, because we would rather blame one another as that is safer than taking on our enemies.

  5. Who the hell wants to live under the iron thumb of government assistance anyway? The measly amount that food stamps given to any person is nowhere near enough to survive on. I don’t know about anyone else, I want to live life, not the government’s definition of what they dictate my life should be. Congress, the Senate, the President, all of them with their insanely huge salaries, incredible health care plans, pensions, and other little perks, while they stash their heaps of our wealth in foreign bank accounts. Enough of this shit already!

  6. Henry,
    I will do whatever I can to help my fellow Americans. If they are physically and mentally able I will show them what they need to do. I will not do it for them. Kids and elderly people…….. I will give them what I can without sacrificing my own family. And I will also do whatever I can to make sure the Bastards that got us into this mess get what’s coming to them. That is all the more reason why people need to become much more self reliant! So we can all join together and fix this country instead of worrying about getting food for the American people that didn’t prepare for what’s coming. We will be spending so much of our energy just trying to keep people fed or protecting what we have that we won’t be able to deal with the real problem at hand.
    Why do you think that they want more people on welfare? Because people won’t bite the hand that’s feeding them……… Period! So at that point we will be fighting against each other instead of fighting the real enemy of this country. I may be way off track here but I’ve never depended on anyone for anything that I can do myself. And believe me sometimes it really sucks! As it does right now. It’s difficult to cut and haul 30 cords of firewood to keep from freezing this winter when you can’t afford the gas for the truck or the saw……….. But I don’t expect the government to come in and install a new furnace in my house and pay for it while I sit on my ass and not at least try. I believe most Americans do try to make things better for themselves and don’t just sit around and wait for something to happen, but there are some that sit on their ass and do nothing…that’s a fact… Period! They feel that they deserve it and they expect it and they have for generations.
    Henry…….. I’ve had open heart surgery, both my knees are bad. I’ve had surgery on one. I have two bad disks in my neck and a pinched nerve. I would probably qualify for just about every government program that they have. But I won’t………… I’ll continue to cut my own wood, grow, hunt and fish for my own food and shoot the bastards that try to stop me from doing it.

    When I’m at the store with my hand held basket getting just the basics a gallon of milk, butter and cheese and I hand the girl my newspaper coupons to help pay for it and then a guy half my age and in much better condition at the next counter has two full size carts full of chips, ice cream, candy bars, pop. you name it. Two carts full of shit. Then swipes a bridge card (as their called in Michigan) and then use’s his cash to buy cigarettes, beer and chewing tobacco. It tends to piss me off a little. I mean that he had so much shit that it filled his trunk and his back seat. And was driving a lot better car then I do.
    Or how about the guy that tried to sell me his card for half it’s value? These are the people who don’t deserve it and are dragging this country down. I feel anyone getting assistance should be required to pass a drug test and should be working for the state doing road and park clean up or what ever we’re paying someone else to do. I bet you would loose half of the people in the system the first go around. The other half really need!!
    So in a nut shell, that is why you and I disagree on welfare. I feel it will divide us and set the stage for failure. And you don’t care if all your neighbors except it.
    If their doing everything within their power to help themselves and they still can’t make……….. then I agree with you…….. let em collect it.
    As I’ve said ….. people will not bite the hand that’s feeding them and we will begin fighting between each other just like they have had planned all along.

    1. You are still not getting it. The top 2% have got and are getting 90% of the wealth while the rest of us have to live on the 10% that is left over. A majority of the filthy rich also do nothing for their wealth but sit on their asses and let the money that they have stolen from us make them more money.
      I sympathize with your medical condition as when I was 35 years old and probably in the best shape of my life I caught one of those bacterium that antibiotics couldn’t kill. Why, because the rich corporate farmers pump it into their stock as a routine to protect their profits. I now have a prosthetic aortic valve and I too work my ass off to survive.
      You say you want the people on welfare to piss in a jar and work for the state. Can’t you see this is exactly what they want for every one of us? When that welfare recipient starts cleaning the public building and taking out the trash, those public workers who were doing those jobs will lose their living wage jobs and eventually they will have to go on welfare. And when the circle is complete we will all be working for the state for welfare and food stamps.
      As far as your contention that they will not bite the hand that feeds them, I don’t know about welfare, but food stamp recipients get around $3 a day to eat on. If this is all you have, you are getting about the same calories as the slaves in the pre-Civil War south did. Do you think those people were content to simply receive their fodder and work themselves to death for the boss man in the big white house?
      There are people who abuse welfare and food stamps, but they are the few and people like you would allow their existence to justify the persecution of the many.
      As far as drugs, the corporate elite on Wall Street, who do nothing more for their wealth but buy and sell our debt, hence our enslavement, have private clubs wherein they do their coke and have their whores on our dime. And they are the rule, not the exception.
      We have to be a united people if we want to win. That means we put all our differences aside and fight our common enemy. Because if we do not the day will come when we will not be allowed our differences because we will be slaves.
      It sounds to me like you need to get out in the world and see the people who cannot get a job, have no place to live, and have to watch their children suffering deprivation. The last thing they need is some narrow minded fanatic telling them to piss in a jar and submit to slavery for their food, like that son of a bitch down in Florida pushing for drug testing to enrich the drug testing company that he owned before coming into politics.
      Damn it man, you are not stupid. Stop playing into their hands and realize it might be that welfare recipient that will have to take your back in this upcoming war.

  7. Henry,
    Wow………… Take a breath and look around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Are you shitting me? You can’t see all of the bullshit abuse with the welfare system?
    If you come back and say “that you can’t” we’re on a totally different page brother!
    You need to make a trip to Michigan………… mainly Flint or Detroit! You’re living in a dream world if you actually believe that the welfare system is not being abused!
    Maybe the state of Oregon has a”real” benefit program for the needy. Michigan has a program for the Blacks and Spaniards…………… us white boys are pretty much screwed!
    So…………. Henry I’ll be straight forward and blunt here…. If you believe that physically and mentally capable people should get a hand out…………. your a big part of the American problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve posted on your site for some time now, and thought that I understood your beliefs.
    I guess that I’m way off about you and your beliefs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I’m not saying there is no problem with abuse of welfare. I’m saying the problem is minute in comparison with corporate theft and excesses of the filthy rich, as the welfare exists as a part of the 10% of the wealth that 90% of us get and the corporate theft/welfare exists in the 90% that the top 2% get.
      This is the issue you will not address. You love the top 2% and worship them as American royalty. You parrot their slogans designed the demonize the poor and middle class. Every time you come on this site you sound more and more like a neo-con troll. If you think anyone should be forced by the state to work for room and board you are a national socialist and you are the problem.

      1. Henry,

        You have written a truly excellent article here. I have worked in the home improvement, construction, and property maintenance and repair field for many years. I have seen us go from a free market business culture less than twenty years ago to the strangling, over-regulated stalemate that you have so perfectly described.

        Because of licensing and insurance requirements (workman’s comp and surety bond requirements being the biggest obstacles placed in this latter category) the entire industry is now controlled by people who have no skills or adequate real world knowledge to deliver the expertise required at point of service and, even worse, could not care less about the quality of service they actually deliver to the customer as long as they make money. They actually consider lawsuits as a cost of doing “business”.

        The guys who really know how to fix an old door and take pride in what they do will never get their hands on it. Instead the homeowner will be forced to call a “handyman service” run by some moneyed little twerp who couldn’t change a faucet washer. This little shit will dominate the local market by deceitful advertising. He will then farm the actual work out to desperate ex entrepreneurs who will be required to supply the truck, gas, tools and expertise to service these homeowners and, in most cases personal licensing, liability insurance and workman’s comp. By the time the consequently inflated costs have been tallied a repair that should cost 150 dollars will cost five to eight times that amount and the homeowner might as well just call Home Depot and have a new door installed. By the way Home Depot, as I’m sure you well know, is the exact same business model…of course. The poor guys who actually pick up, deliver, and install that door will be paid a maximum of one third what Home Depot charges the homeowner for installation.

        As far as the impact of this crap on the people who are actually making everything happen in the real world is concerned this point of service mechanic, (slave) regardless of who his “master” is will be lucky to net 8 dollars an hour for his knowledge and hard work which isn’t enough for him to continue operating for very long. When he reaches the point at which he sinks into the abyss because he can’t replace the tires he’s burned up while this parasite who runs the “business” collects 60 to 80 percent of the gross proceeds (for doing absolutely nothing) he will simply be replaced by the next poor desperate tradesman in this “burn and churn” fiasco. These poor guys are also forced to sign non compete agreements so if they are approached by a smart property owner who offers to employ them directly they are in a position to be sued by the parasite. Working in concert with these rats are the townships and their codes “officials” few of whom can even agree on how the building codes should be “interpreted” since they are written to obfuscate and confuse. These leeches are paid from 40 to 60k a year to sit in comfortable taxpayer supported offices “approving” expensive building permits and then drive around in taxpayer supplied vehicles burning taxpayer supplied fuel performing “inspections” and have the power to single handedly and for any reason they choose, shut down any project regardless of whether it is actually code compliant or not. Believe me…if they want to get you you are got!

        Add to this recent paralytic lead paint laws regulating work on pre-1978 built structures and we have an industry virtually grinding to a near halt compared to what it was in a free market unregulated environment. You would not believe the fines these people can impose on a contractor hired to simply change a door or window for non compliance with a set of regulations that are virtually impossible to be in compliance with and actually make a living. They are death dealing amounts!

        It is beyond absurd…it is absolute tyranny. Until we reverse this madness we will be in a death spiral and every word you have written here, including your subsequent comments are bulls eye. laser beam on target! Bravo!

  8. Henry,
    I agree that the welfare issue is just a very small problem in comparison to the corporate theft that we dealing with. There is no doubt! But you’re still missing my point here. If the people on welfare had to make a choice to take up arms and help get this country back or stay at home and stay warm and have a full belly every night what one do you think the majority would choose? Yes there would be a certain % that would choose to help, but many would not. I believe we would have a lot more people standing up right now and screaming their asses off like you and I are if they were not being taken care of by the Government. The Government is just throwing enough of a welfare bone to keep the peace. People are excepting the scraps from “Long Shanks” table instead of standing up and getting what is rightfully ours! That’s why I believe that welfare is a problem. People are so worried about getting welfare or unemployment that are not doing shit about the corporate theft problem that you speak of.
    You say that I should get out in the world and look around! I just need to look out of my front window to see what your talking about. I don’t live in town so there are only 23 houses in the square mile that I live in. Guess what…….. 14 of those houses are empty due to foreclosures. They have been in many cases for a couple of years now. A lot of those people were close friends. I’ve seen deperate people stealing the railings off of bridges for scrap money. People have broken in and stole all of the copper plumbing and central air conditioning units from all of the vacant houses. The houses that are blocked by trees have all of the aluminum siding stripped off of them. There’s a young couple across the river that lost their house and are now living in his parents 8ft x 10ft shed that they just put a wood stove in so I think they plan on staying in that for while. I’ve been robbed twice in the last two years now. I lost $23,000.00 worth of guns, my log splitter and chainsaw. And that really sucks when you can’t afford homeowners insurance. I found out who did it and had to go after the stuff myself because the cops never showed up because the police force is less then 25% of what it was due to state cut backs. Guess who did it??????????? Three guys in their early 20’s, 2 getting welfare assistance and 1 get SSI because he can’t read…….. Because he can’t!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you shitting me? I also found out that they traded all of my guns for an ounce of weed. So maybe you’re right…. they shouldn’t have to pass any drug testing to qualify…..NOT!! I now have an attack trained German Shepard that these scum bags have tried to poison twice now. So I now have to walk my yard and look for sponges soaked in bacon grease and socks soaked in anti-freeze before I can even let the dog out.. When I moved in here 22 years ago I could go away for the weekend and leave my house unlocked with no worrys. Those days are long gone!

    1. God damn, you are hard headed, but you are not stupid so I’ll not give up on you.
      Okay, here goes.
      I believe every citizen has the right to protect their property with deadly force if necessary.
      Okay, now to the drug testing. I remember when the first drug testing began and its legality was challenged under the 4th Amendment of our Constitution. The 4th Amendment was chosen because it was calculated that the people would accept a violation of the 4th Amendment under the guise that our bodily fluids are not our personal property because we can not maintain them indefinitely. I knew that the challenge to the 4th Amendment was bogus when it first occurred. The whole case was orchestrated by a bunch of corporate elite mother fuckers who now have multi-billion dollar businesses in monitoring our bodily fluids.
      The fact is drug testing is unconstitutional under the 5th Amendment to our Constitution. Taking illegal drugs is illegal. The 5th Amendment guarantees we citizens the right not to incriminate ourselves. Drug testing for welfare represents coercion designed to eliminate the citizen’s 5th Amendment right to not offer evidence against him or herself, as the welfare recipient is denied the presumption of innocence outlined in the 5th and 6th Amendments. And if the welfare recipient does have drugs in his or her system, he or she is being told “confess to this crime or you will be punished. And when you confess you are going to be punished.”
      I noticed when you wrote of the welfare recipients, your reference was to “them”, I guess as opposed to “us”? Are you for our Constitution as written verbatim for all of us, or just for us and not for them? It is always easy to support tyranny that does not effect oneself, but maybe you had better think about this a little harder. How about if they start testing….oh say….your wife….where she works to make sure she is not consuming raw milk or maybe venison out of season? Either our rights are enforced for all of us or any one of us is open to becoming one of “them”. Every person getting welfare is not an inner city drug addict and knowing the nature of our government, do you truly believe they are going to enforce these draconian laws on “them” when they know that doing so only tends to make them worse? Or do you think they will enforce them on “us” because we tend to be law abiding and take it in the ass without complaint?
      No, I’m going to defend that inner city black gangster’s 5th Amendment rights because his rights are my rights. Mind you, if he tries to breach my property, steal from me, or hurt my loved ones I will enforce my right to be secure with absolutism.
      I cannot blame you for being pissed about the crime. I too am pissed and I live out in the middle of nowhere. But what cannot be denied is that the increase in crime is directly proportionality to the transfer of wealth from we in the 90% getting the 10% of the wealth to the 2% getting 90% of the wealth.
      Now I will vote right with you to end welfare the day every person able to work has a living wage job available to him or her. Until that day my sites are set on the corporate elite who are the true makers of the misery in this country.
      Your turn, ball’s in your court.

        1. LOL- A lot of people on welfare can’t even read or write. It would blow your mind how many are out there. But they have skills out the ying yang.

          1. Hell, Mark…allot of politicians,college grads, (teachers included) doctors, and lawyers can’t read or write anymore either….but the only skills they have are in how to screw the system and the population of their own country. I don’t look down on people who have to accept welfare to survive because they are too stupid or otherwise handicapped to make a living for themselves. I do,however, despise a socialistic system that encourages and propagates a growing non productive and increasingly criminal segment of the population while manipulating economic reality to disable the able and ambition driven who wish to pursue happiness through achievement.

          2. The people I’m talking about are honest good people, I would never look down on them. I was just talking to one yesterday. He got through life because of his parents helping him with anything needed reading or writing wise.. Now he is screwed because they are both dead, nobody to help him. So he takes a shit welfare deal, because he really has no choice. He is well over fifty. Believe it not, you get welfare if you can’t read or write.

            20% of Americans can’t read at a level to obtain a living wage. They are functioning illiterate.

          3. Mark, I didn’t mean to imply that you looked down on welfare recipients. I was just bouncing off your comment

      1. Ron Paul says the same thing, you cannot have liberty if you choose to live in a government police state. Ron Paul mentioned that another congressman said once “People are too stupid to take care of themselves!” Sounds like something out of the history of the Soviet Union. The United States of America was founded on Liberty and Freedom. Life without Liberty and Freedom is no life at all in my opinion.

  9. Henry,
    I can’t believe that you think that I’m hard headed. My wifes been saying that for years and I disagree with her to. So I won’t hold that against you.
    I agree with you that forcing someone to piss in a cup is a violation of the 5th ammendment. But I’m not saying to force anything on anyone. I am simply saying that they can make the choice as to wether or not they want welfare assistance………. Period! A crime is a crime! If you steal it’s a crime. If you take illeagal drugs it’s crime. So are you saying that if you break the law you should not be punished? If people have enough money to buy illeagal drugs then they don’t need assistance anyway in my eyes. That shits not cheap. People that have a job or who are applying for a job have to make the choice if they will take a drug test and they are working for their money. I’m curious to see how that is going to work out here since they legalized weed. I feel all drugs should be legal. I feel there should only be laws that we’re approved by a public majority vote. I believe that it’s every persons right to live their life doing what ever they want to do. If they choose drugs and screw up their life that’s their right. As long as their paying their own way to do it and not stealing my stuff, or trying to sell the shit to my kids, or collecting welfare to pay for it. What incentive do people on welfare have to try and get off from it? Hell it’s like they actually give an incentive to stay on it. “If you have another kid we can give you more money” If your under age daughter has a kid we can give you more money” . Come on………………… it’s pretty fucking stupid the way that it’s set up.

    You’re not kidding about some of the people who cannot read or write having some crazy skills. I have a company (that doesn’t make a damn dime yet) that was created by two other guys and myself. One of the guys dropped out of school at a young age and cannot read or right. His mechanical and electrical abilities are unbelievable. He is actually a shirt tail relative of Tesla. With his outside of the box thinking we have developed a DC electric motor that has been university tested at 98.9% efficent. The current DC motors on the market can’t come close to that. And we did it using a bunch of old used parts.

    Our Goverment keeps calling for “new energy solutions” My ass their talking a bunch of smack. After our patent was approved and it hit the internet we got a call from DARPA of all people wanting to have a meeting and a demo of the motor. They brought their so called brain child with them and tested the hell out of it. When thet realized that it’s for real they wanted exclusive rights to our patent with the understading that the technology will never be released to the public. I mean we can’t have something like this replacing the gasoline engine can we?

    1. lock-n-load,
      We are getting somewhere. I guess we can agree that people have to eat. And having clothes and a roof over your head isn’t a bad idea either. You talk about choice when it comes to the drug testing. It is also your choice when you pay those income taxes. Your choice is do it or go hungry. Same with the welfare.
      What gets me is if people want to stop welfare all they have to do is stop paying taxes to fund it. But now they are not going to do that; that would mean confronting the bully. It’s much easier to attack the weak than the strong.
      What drug testing equates to is forcibly taking money from one citizen and using it to compel performance from another. It is unconstitutional and to imply that there is a choice in the matter is a complete cop-out in the argument.
      Maybe that welfare recipient wouldn’t even be on welfare if there were free or at least highly efficient energy available, you know, like your DC motor the rich want to quash. I will tell you something. They have killed people in the past to keep technologies out of the market that might cause the people to be more free.
      Which brings us back to the original argument. I say let us take care of our real enemy and prosper again. Then after we are prospering, we can look around and see if what our brethren and sisteren have actually bothers us anymore.
      As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, I live on an Indian Reservation. The natives here own the resources as real property. When those resources are tapped the natives are paid for them, through an annuity check. This is not charity or welfare. This is revenue obtained through the sale of real property.
      Now, we the people own the resources of this country, real property, by law. What the welfare recipient gets is not a drop in the bucket in consideration of his or her share of the wealth derived from their resources, which is an outrage. The bigger outrage is those who go out and actually work for a living are having their monies derived from their real property, their share of our natural resources, taken from them as a 100% tax.
      I swear to you this is the truth. If we had all the wealth stolen from us just from our resources in the past 100 years since the institution of the Federal Reserve, we would all be rich by today’s standards. What most people can’t seem to conceive is the enormous wealth of our country in comparison to our relatively small population, and this is something they never want us to understand.
      It’s easy to get pissed at someone you think is stealing a few thousand dollars worth of welfare, which is not a theft, because as mentioned before they are still being screwed in the big scheme of things. We are all being screwed and the wealth of our country is being hauled off and stashed in venues around the world. I promise you, if we just stopped the theft and took back control of our natural resources, our real property by hereditary right, we would have so much wealth we would not have to steal from one another. We would actually be happy and feel good in seeing one another living well.
      In closing I’ll say that what has allowed the theft of our wealth is our buying into being divided. That is why you have seen the big push for multiculturalism. That is why you see the push to institute foreign languages in our land. That is why you see foreigners being pumped in by the millions. It is called divide and conquer. This is why the rich elite’s greatest fear is our people united as the American people of the American race without division through race, religion, gender, or age. They know that if we are united they cannot defeat us.
      I tell you brother, either we put our differences aside and right now, or we will lose our right to have differences and we and our progeny will be reduced to third world slaves without even so much as our language in common.
      You’re up.

  10. Henry,
    I think we’re pretty much on the same page brother! There’s just one small issue that I still need to address!
    As you mentioned I am”Hard Headed”.
    As far as income tax, property taxes and all taxes in general………..I haven’t figured out away to get around them besides going to jail , losing my house or shooting the bastard that comes to take it away……….and that alone pisses me off!
    As far as food, shelter, heat and clothes go………. comparing it to income taxes… it’s not the same. We can make the food, shelter, clothes all that stuff ourselves. I pretty much do now. So you can’t compare the two. We can control one but not the other at this point.
    So all of the taxes and laws that you speak of are the problem!! I agree!

    We can control our own destiny at this time (and we should) when it comes food,clothes, shelter,ect. Taxes we cannot! And that’s where the problem is!
    I have a notice on my door right now stating that my house will be taken away from me for “Failure to pay back taxes”
    Ya know what….. My house and property is paid for.. and has been for years.
    I hope the poor bastard that’s coming to inforce that notice really loves his job!
    For the most part Henry we agree. I’m sure there is a huge difference between Oregon and Michigan when it comes to people. You need to remember something.
    They have a rating for the top five cities for violent crimes, rape, and murder. Michigan has 3 of the top 5.
    Flint made #1
    Detroit made #2
    I think Saginaw was #4

    I live within 30 miles of Flint and Saginaw and about 100 miles from Detroit.
    I’m sure that’s why we probably disagree on the issue of welfare abuse.

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