Ron Paul Supporters Prepare to Invade Tampa

United we state and divided we fall.  These words have never been truer in our nation’s history than they are today.  We have just witnessed the most diabolical propaganda moves since the beginning of the GOP Primaries.  The apparent sellout of Ron Paul by his son through his endorsement of Mitt Romney was carefully coordinated in an orchestrated effort to cause chaos within the ranks of the Revolution and was aided by the deepest plants within our patriot system.

Alex Jones brags that he can at will make personal contact with Dr. Paul and his son Rand, yet when he stepped up to do his part for the neo-cons, he acted like he was being left in the dark and left to speculate like the rest of us.  It was a sneak attack and was somewhat successful in its intent.  I myself am guilty of being lulled in as a result of my temper and the fact that I have seen so much deception that it has become expected at every turn.

However there is a fact that cannot be disputed.  Dr. Paul has not withdrawn from the race and if you read between the lines on the email he put out, it is nothing more than a statement as to how things stand at present.  And nowhere does it indicate that we the people cannot change and/or improve the situation as we close in on the Tampa Convention.  The delegates from many states still remain uncounted.

I have trusted Dr. Paul up to this point and can see no reason not to continue to do so.  If, as I believe, he is now counting on us to carry the ball across the goal line, then in reality he is in great danger.  We must redouble our efforts and let the enemies of our Republic know that their propaganda has failed.

I have suggested two million showing up in Tampa for the Convention with hemp ropes with nooses on the end of them, and some in the movement have countered that they fear that the statement is too radical.  This would be a form of freedom of speech and this very same technique was used by our founding fathers.  If we are denied Ron Paul, a hemp rope with a noose on the end of it will seem small and petty in comparison to the bloodletting that will occur as a result of the violent Revolution that will be necessary, if we are to secure freedom and liberty for our progeny into the future.

I did not say go to Tampa and start hanging the traitors, but I do believe we need a bold statement to let all those attending the Convention know that the delegates speaking for us have the backing of a population prepared to take whatever measures are necessary.  This act is not meant to coerce but rather to show the reality of the situation.

There are a hundred million of us out here who will be facing another winter of deprivation without hope.  There are hundreds of thousands of our young people destined for the meat grinders of the Middle East as US conscripts for Israel.  The fiat dollar is on the verge of collapse and all the status quo can talk about is how to complete our enslavement.

The treasonous Koch Brothers, with their enormous wealth, managed a two million person protest in Washington DC.  It is time that we show these arrogant bastards that our numbers can be rallied by us, as individuals.

Let us invade Tampa, Florida and don’t forget your rope.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

7 thoughts on “Ron Paul Supporters Prepare to Invade Tampa

  1. Be there or be squaure ……….and a slave. These bastards are gonna make money off rope sales hehehe.

  2. Just in case anyone was wondering what i meant um, it is just far superior never had it fail on me like those cheap imitations . That is all.

  3. My prediction is that Romney will get the nomination on the first round of voting the same way he “magically” won the primaries in many states. Then, the GOP will pretend to accept some of the Ron Paul campaign’s ideas and viewpoints, which will quickly be forgotten by November when the election comes up. In other words, the fraudulent “nomination” and the following “election” will be the very spark that ignites the revolution. My apologies to those who wanted a peaceful revolution, but deep down we already knew that it was a long shot at best.

    1. Please don’t get me wrong, I would be beyond ecstatic if the voice of the people was heard loud-n-clear and the delegates voted for whoever they wanted to in the first round making Ron Paul the 2012 GOP nominee. It would breath new life into the United States of America as Ron Paul would dominate Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro) in any fair election. However, the International Corporate Mafia would rather use a “scorched Earth” tactic than willingly surrender their ill-gotten power and wealth. I guess we’ll see the results soon, June is almost half over and August will be here before we know it.

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