4 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s Gold Standard Nightmare

  1. I have a heard a few of this guys commentaries with mixed personal reactions. He frames his argument in a very particular way that is wrapped in it’s own self gratifying solutions. Any economy based on physical commodity of finite supply and solely of that persuasion cannot be fractional because you cannot fictionalize the principle. Unless you have found the philosophers stone, and if you have maybe lack is just a fiction in the first place. Also Ron Paul’s favorite period in history was actually the laze fare era up to the Civil War. In fact that was the bankers extreme solution to regaining control of the US was the debt Washington would incur during that war. Finally, it is THIS current Keynesian system that has dictated the rule by bankers since that period of time. At least now I know where Bro Nate’s chips lie.

    1. You are aware that the family of Paul’s have ties to the NWO. RT reporter, Abby Martin was harassed by Rand after she asked questions about his ties with the Builderberg. I lost all respect for the Paul’s then, as they are part if the NWO agenda, just as all the rest are.

      All the cronies under this administration are part of the political theater and need to be fitted with a hemp rope wrapped around their neck. I wouldn’t believe anything they have to say.

  2. Well, well, well. This is a very big mix of propaganda and fact, but I’m not terribly surprised – I’d read previously that Bro Nathanael is Jew-backed, but have been biding my time to see their colors revealed.

    Rumor is, the World Bank is holding a lot of the gold that is “missing” from US vaults. Perhaps Ms. Hudes, unwilling World Bank alma mater, could respond to that supposition.

  3. I don’t believe brother nathanel is jew backed but I do believe the pauls are. For crying out loud look at Rands shenanigans. How is Ron alive? Seems pretty fishy to me.

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