Roundup tolerant genetically modified plants and Liver cell

Medical Adviser Journal – by Kyle J. Norton

In the study to investigate the effects of pesticides containing different adjuvants like Roundup formulations found in the environment, surface waters and as food residues of Roundup tolerant genetically modified plants on cells from liver, a major detoxification organ, and the mechanism of action and possible protection by precise medicinal plant extracts called Dig1  

(plant extracts from Taraxacum offici-nalis, Arctium lappa andBerberis vulgaris), by the research team lead by Dr. Céline Gasnier, found that all the four Roundup (four formulations of glyphosate-based herbicides, Express® 7.2 g/l of G called glyphosate or N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine, product number 2010321;Bioforce® 360 g/l of G, product number 9800036; GT® 400g/l of G, product number 8800425; GT+® 450 g/l of G,product number 2020448) formulations provoke liver cell death, with adjuvants having stronger effects than glyphosate alone.

Hep3B are 3-5 times more sensitive over 48 h. Caspases 3/7 are greatly activated in HepG2 by Roundup at non-cytotoxic levels, and some apoptosis induction by Roundup is possible together with necrosis.CYP3A4 is specifically enhanced by Roundup at doses 400 times less than used in agriculture (2%).

CYP1A2 is increased to a lesser extent together with glutathione-S-transferase (GST) down-regulation. Dig 1, non cytotoxicand not inducing caspases by itself, is able to prevent Roundup-induced cell death in a time-dependant manner with an important efficiency of up to 89%, within 48 h.

In addition, we evidenced that it prevents Caspases 3/7activation and CYP3A4 enhancement, and not GST reduction, but in turn it slightly inhibited CYP2C9 when added before Roundup and concluded that Roundup is able to provoke intracellular disruption in hepatic cell lines at different levels, but a mixture of medicinal plant extracts Dig1 can protect to some extent human cell lines against this pollutants. All this system constitutes a tool for studying liver intoxication and detoxification(1).

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16 thoughts on “Roundup tolerant genetically modified plants and Liver cell

  1. If I hadn’t read other articles on the effects of Roundup I wouldn’t have had a clue what this one was saying! hahaha and I am not even really sure I know for sure what this one is saying! hahaha It must be late again and time to go to bed… that’s it

  2. The main problem with Roundup is that it kills not only weeds, but everything else it comes in contact with – insects, animals, and other plants not designed to withstand it (non GMO). It even kills all the bacteria in the soil, which is actually beneficial and necessary to all plant life.

    Naturally, Monsanto can’t be bothered with such minor details, as long as profits remain stable.

    1. LOL #1, you posted while I re-wrote for not answering 28 hehe! Not only does Monsanto kill weeds and everything else, seems it punctures tractor tires as well (So I read), really great stuff from what I have read<insert sarcasm there. You are right in everything you posted #1, so sick what they are doing……..I have seen the poor bees, one I was able to save…. They are sick bastards. I don't know what else to say………..

        1. Hey #1, I went back and read your article on Monsanto but then I stumbled down the comment section and was highly entertained with the manner in which you, Angel NYC, and Henry handled elisabeth angel. Oh, by the way, excellent article. I have been aware of Monsanto’s evil ways and your article highlights their intent.

          1. Thanks, Millard. I just went back and re-read the comments myself. We did kind of have fun with that one. What I couldn’t fathom was the length of her comments, none of which were about the actual subject of the article itself – Monsanto. LOL.

        2. Yep #1, I read it when you posted (A bit too shy back then to post and was working a lot of hrs. too) it was/is a very good article and worth the re-read. I feel the same about Mosanto and those companies, grrr! Hehe Smilardog, on the potato seeds-seed potatoes 🙂

  3. Smilardog, most people don’t even pay attention to this. Grow your own if you can, buy from people you know around your area. I am in healthcare, and from what I have seen/read over the years I don’t trust. I was going into holistic medicine a while back. Long story short, my Mom got (She recently passed) and things changed…I can only say buy locally from trusted farmers as much as possible, or grow your own. & btw you don’t sound bad on radio, I’ll be calling in, have an issue (Maybe can forward it to Henry) regarding State of Mi., wanting $ from her estate…wtf..okay Oops got off topic for a sec., buy locally or grow what you can, my humble advice.

    1. Hi RT Hawk
      I do have a non-gmo seed collection sealed in #10 cans that I bought from Walmart in their survival food section. Last week, Off The Grid News(Solutions From Science) had a potato seeds sale that would store for 10 years in #10 cans. But, I decided to buy some from instead, because i like their program. It was late and I was tired and I ordered 20lbs of what I thought were potatoe seeds and went to bed. Then I started to think about it while sleeping. That maybe what I ordered were not in fact seeds, but “Seed Potatoes”, you know… potatoe starters already growing. I called, Yep, sure enough… that’s what they were, so I had to cancel the order. Everyone, who is interested in seeds should check out for bulk at a great price. They have a great Heritage seed program.

      We have a local farmer here who also has a cabin next to ours in CO. I used to send him emails, commentaries, news, etc. I sent him many articles on Roundup and Roundup Ready crops. He grows lettuce and cantaloupe, about 8,000 acres. Been a friend of the family for 50 years. I pretty much knew that he didn’t read what I sent him, because sometimes I would ask him questions in the body of what I sent him. Well, one day we were clearing weeds and stuff from in between our properties and he has a container of Roundup that he is getting ready to spray on our mutual property. Right along the side of where my future garden is going to be. I said, didn’t you read all the research papers I sent you about Roundup and birth defects and all of that stuff. This is where our kids play, hangout, and our garden is going. He says,
      “oh, I must have missed those articles”. That was proof to me that I was wasting my time sending him stuff. I walked in to my computer and deleted his name from my contacts. and wiped the dust from my sandals, as Jesus would say, hehe I haven’t talked to him since.

      1. I too purchased heirloom seeds. I got mine from My Patriot Supply. The price was good, the packaging excellent, delivered very quickly, and most important of all, My Patriot Supply sponsors From the Trenches, which shows that they not only sell a good product, but are indeed patriotic. 🙂

      2. Sounds like your nieghbor is more into quantity instead of quality. I am going to order seed from MY Patriot Supply this year. My problem is that this year is so screwed up weaather wise that our temperatures are way below average and I have got over 2 ft. of snow with another 4 – 6 in. expected today alnog with 50 mile an hour winds this afternoon – nice Wi. weather eh, this weather sucks for sure.Anyway I have talked to my good nieghbor for a few years and I have finaly covinced them to go with heirloom seeds this year. Geeze Smilardag I wish all of us here would go with and support My Patriot Supply. 🙂

  4. Wow, you guys talk about filling me with guilt, but thanks for not really hammering to hard. Let me explain….

    When I wrote this this morning I really didn’t have time, because I had a meeting with some contractors at our church for some volunteer tile work I am going to do there.

    Let me get the Walmart seeds out-of-the-way first. I bought them before I even started coming to From the Trenches. I totally despise Walmart and never go there as it is. At the cabin in CO there is no other place to shop, hardly. Walmart is a good 100 mile round trip venture that’s how far in the wilderness we are. I bought those seeds because they were sealed in #10 cans for shelf life.

    In my comment, that you guys hammered me on I mentioned Solutions from Science, and I was pretty much talking about to buy in “BULK”, and I mainly was thinking about potatoes. As anyone knows, potatoes are started from the eyes of the potatoes, not from seed. But, then again, Solutions from Science says they have Potatoe Seeds Banks that will store for 10 years. Unheard of right??? In my mind, potatoes are the best survival food you can have. Where am I going with this? hehe is the place to go for “bulk” Non-GMO Heritage seeds. In my survival preps I think bulk. Seedsavers is where most other seed sellers buy their seed from. When you buy from them you buy it by the pounds of seeds. I pretty much have all my seed needs pretty much taken care of, except the infamous potato seeds.

    I decided to call My Patriot Supply at 1-866-229-0927. I talked to a very nice Patriot lady that works the customer service phone. We talked for a good solid half hour to 45 minutes on the subject of seeds, to talk radio shows, preparedness for what is happening, and everything under the sun. I definitely let her know that I was a “Loyal Supporter” of advertisers to From the Trenches. She is an avid listener to Truth/Patriot radio all day long as I am. We both also listen to mp3’s of talk shows while we sleep. She did not know that Henry had a daily radio show and now she does. She will most likely be listening in on the show today Henry. She sounded pretty excited when I described your show. Maybe, you might plug business today on your broadcast, and say “hi” to her as a new listener. Her name is Trianne, and she would be listening to it while she is at work at My Patriot Supply.

    Trianne, and I talked about my needs, which are high altitude seeds, desert south-west seeds, and naturally… Potatoe seeds! haha She didn’t know their was such a thing either and she is going to call Solutions from Science and get the scoop. Now, My Patriot Supply advertises that they can get seeds for certain regions. So, I asked her about seeds for my two regions and about buying “Bulk”. She said those are the only two regions we can’t get seeds for. High altitude and desert southwest. We both laughed, and said, wouldn’t you know it. So, immediately she says, Well, I would recommend they would have seeds for you. I rest my case.

    So, I hope you all will forgive me for my earlier comment. I did it in a rush. I was trying to help, and maybe I did. Not sure! I felt real bad when Henry and Diggerdan called me on it. I am loyal to this site, to you all, and to our cause.

    Brothers in Arms

    1. Says you. LOL
      Would never think you to be disloyal in the smallest degree. I didn’t read your comment until just now, so I didn’t get to tell Trianne hello, but will do so tomorrow.
      Thanks for taking the time to explore the situation and letting us know what the facts are.

      1. It’s Trianne, with the Tri pronounced like Triangle. Pretty cool name, I have never heard before. I called her back after I typed that comment where I mentioned her to make sure she had the right time. couldn’t get ahold of her. Because, I told her the wrong time. I will call her tomorrow and give her the right info. Since, AZ doesn’t do the time change I got all of my radio show times all messed up, and my work schedule, because I schedule any work to do around my shows. I even have speaker extention wires to where I can run my speakers to where ever on my property I am, or the house I can hear it. and so do all my neighbors halfway down the block. hahaha When Henry starts on a rant I can hear windows and door slamming up and down the street trying to block him out!!! hahaha Just Kidding

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