9 thoughts on “Russell Brand kicked out of Fox News HQ

  1. Why is this nutty bloak kissing the Muslim ass? The man got rich in America? I say bitch slap the tight jean wearing, Hollyweird loving, closet make up wearing transvestite, America hating aresehole and stick him in a New York phone both with Sean Hannity just for shits and giggles..

  2. I don’t mean to sound like a “conspiracy theorist”, tinfoil hat wearing loon buuuuut…..

    He’s made lots of money in hollyweird already.

    He was married to quite possibly, darn-near-anyway, the #1 female entertainer spokeswoman for the jwo.

    FOX is not news.

    He is notorious for publicity stunts.

    He appears on infowhores and likes to endorse the most famous publicity stunt loving, fear-mongering, zio-controlled, controlled opposition “truther”

    I could go on but there is really no need. This is nothing more than more hoax pruduction that will line his pockets and does nothing positive for the patriot/truth cause.

    1. Thank you, Martist. That explains everything. His association with Hollywood and Alex Jones adds credence to my verbal assault.

      He’s just another screaming idiot who’s infiltrated the truth movement on behalf of the Zionists. No one we should listen to.

  3. Who is this Russell Brand guy and why does he never shave?

    okay..I’ve seen enough. He’s another Alex Jones geared toward an east coast liberal audience (even they have to face the truth eventually) and here’s he’s ignoring all of the pressing problems we presently face to tell us about female circumcision, and sharia law.

    Nothing but self-promotion, hype, and sensationalism to capture people’s attention, but absolutely nothing important in what he’s saying. Typical distraction. He’s not working for the cause; he’s trying to get the cause working for him so he can make a career out of it.

    Get a job, hipster. We have more than enough screaming idiots in this movement.

  4. he’s just another product of the BBC, like Jeremy Clarkson.

    anybody know his family history?
    a lot of these products aresecond generation.

  5. I wish we could take him seriously, but I am sure it is some publicity stunt. This country really is being run by some control freak psychos. I can promise you from being in the middle of a lot of crap in D.C. at one time that everything on the economic front is total bs. Everything is just lies after lies. You must kneel down and work hard for these wall street control freak psychos. The funny things is some people enjoy working for a living but these control freaks just don’t get it.

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