Russia deploying offensive military vehicles in territories around Caspian Sea and Black Sea


Baku. Rashad Suleymanov – APA. Russia is deploying new offensive military vehicles in the Southern Military District covering the territories around the Caspian Sea and Black Sea

APA reports quoting Russia’s Defense Ministry that military units of the Southern Military District will acquire more than 450 modernized military vehicles including trucks, self-propelled artillery systems, armored vehicles and various missile complexes. 100 missile-artillery systems, including Iskander-M tactical ballistic missile systems, 120-caliber 2S9 Nona-C self-propelled howitzers, Chrysanthemum-S anti-tank missile complexes will be included in the inventory of regional military units.  

Infantry and intelligence units of the military district will be equipped with more than 250 BTR-82A – new armored personnel carrier, “Tayfun” and “Tiger-M” armored vehicles.

Russia has been rapidly arming the Southern Military District since the war with Georgia in 2008. In this context, Armenia’s military unit #102 that falls under the Southern Military District is being supplied with new military equipments.

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