Russian Arms Trade Czar Says “War” Declared on Weapon Supplies to Syria

Russia Says War Declared to Block Arms Supplies to SyriaRianovosti

MOSCOW, March 2 (RIA Novosti) – Russia is facing a ‘real war’ aimed at hampering the country’s legal deliveries of weapons to Syria, the head of the Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation has said.

“A real war has been declared against us,” Alexander Fomin told Ekho Moskvy radio on Friday without specifying who has declared the war.

“The [Russian] ships are lured into ports and arrested there under various devised pretexts. When the ships are at sea, any insurance is canceled,” Fomin said adding that any attempts to deliver the contracted goods are being thwarted.

Russia earlier said it will continue selling weapons to Damascus observing both international law and bilateral obligations, while some western countries are pushing for an embargo on Russian arms supplies to Syria, the largest importer of Russian weapons in the Middle East.

Russia and the United States were involved in a diplomatic war of words last year over Moscow’s arms sales to Syria, after Washington accused Russia of supplying attack helicopters to the al-Assad regime.

Moscow denied those accusations, claiming it was merely returning equipment overhauled as part of long-standing contracts with Syria, which is locked in a bitter civil war between the government and Islamist rebels.

9 thoughts on “Russian Arms Trade Czar Says “War” Declared on Weapon Supplies to Syria

  1. Oh boy….uncle sugar wants a fight with everybody at one big time……..problem is,..when the missiles fly…they aimed at us!!

  2. No doubt it was Amerika who threatened Russia and Syria, Amerika has become the global bully through insane policies of the Trilateral Commission, CFR, PNAC, AIPAC, JINSA and many other criminal outfits who want to control the world and make the people pay for it all with not only their money but their lives. They’ll draft your kids to die in these illegal wars of the elite and not blink when half the worlds population dies from their lies of conquest in hopes of global domination called their New World Order.

  3. I would like to comment on the story before this one since the article, not surprisingly, was missing a comments section. The title of the article was “Israel launches Palestinian-only buses amid accusations of racial segregation.” Unbelievable. Way to prove the accusation true, *********.

    1. What are you saying?? All articles on this site that I have ever seen have a commentary section, and it is an important part of the site. I wanted to see the article you referred to with my own eyes, and whether or not there was any commentary field. However, I could not find the referred article. And it doesn’t seem to be in the archives either (however it certainly was part of the news flow on many sites). So the article was posted (on fromthetrenches), and there were no commentary section? And now the article has been removed? Is that what we are talking about? Or is the article still here somewhere, and I just didn’t find it? Do you have a direct link to the article?

      1. The article, “Israel launches Palestinian-only buses amid accusations of racial segregation” was never posted on From the Trenches and I don’t know what WTH is talking about.

  4. Hey Russia! You just going to take that sh#t?

    Why don’t you just turn Israhell into a “glass ashtray”, and solve most of the world’s problems almost overnight?

    1. Point well taken. how long would America stand by and do nothing if say the Russians and the Chinese were doing what America is doing in their hemisphere in say central America? I fear for my country and all those I love because they seem to be sleep walking right to their death. Americans had better find their intestinal fortitude and take back their country before their criminal government gets them all nuked.

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