Sales of pandemic preparedness supplies skyrocket 143,000% following announcement of Ebola in America

EbolaNatural News – by Mike Adams

All those who have long been prepping for a pandemic outbreak are suddenly looking like geniuses. With Ebola having now reached America and possibly spread to schoolchildren and medical staff, informed Americans are rushing to purchase protective supplies such as isolation gowns, Tyvek body suits, latex gloves and N95 masks.

In just one day, sales of Tyvek body suits on — recommended in a Natural News article — rose 143,325% (see screen capture from below).  

Many of the supplies used for personal and family protection in a pandemic are already sold out. Others remain in supply but are rapidly being depleted. What’s clear is that many of these supplies won’t last very long. For example, Gaia Herb’s Black Elderberry Extract on is down to just two left in stock as of this writing. (Elderberry extract has known antiviral properties, but of course like everything else it has never been tested or proven against Ebola.)

Authors such as Daisy Luther writing on have put together some very comprehensive preparedness lists. Check out her latest story: Ebola Confirmed in America: Here’s What You Need To Do Right Now.

The list of supplies recommended in that article is quite comprehensive and includes safety goggles, N95 masks, nitrile examination gloves, antibacterial cleaners and more.

Don’t forget food preparedness supplies

Beyond basic medical supplies, the second concern should focus on storable food. Remember: medical quarantines immediately lead to food shortages just as they have in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Why food shortages? Because commercial delivery traffic is halted into the quarantine zones, and at the same time truck drivers refuse to drive into those zones even if they get permission to do so.

That’s why any area under quarantine can expect to see grocery store shelves completely wiped out within a matter of hours after the quarantine is announced.

Pandemic quarantines are announced without any advanced notice for obvious reasons. Any advanced notice would allow people to flee the infected areas, further spreading the virus. It is anybody’s guess how many infections in a city might trigger the government’s quarantine protocols, but as long as health officials can contain these outbreaks to just a handful of people, quarantines of large regions won’t be necessary.

Stay home or be arrested, orders Texas authorities

In Texas, family members who have come into contact with infected individuals have been ordered to stay in isolation under the threat of arrest.

“The state of Texas and Dallas County health officials have ordered four close family members of a Dallas Ebola patient to stay home and not have visitors to prevent spreading the deadly disease,” reports the Dallas affiliate of CBS News. [1] “If ignored, a violation could result in criminal charges.”

Notably, the family has not been forced into FEMA quarantine facilities, but that’s the next step if they refuse to voluntarily isolate themselves at home.

Family members forced to give blood on command to Texas health authorities

One thing that is very concerning about the Texas situation is that those same family members have been ordered to give blood on command. “The family members must also be available to provide blood samples, agree to any testing by public health officials, and immediately report any symptoms to Dallas County Health and Human Services,” reports CBS News.

It’s clear that in a pandemic, all the usual rights of individual liberty are suspended, and people who are even suspected of contracting Ebola can be ordered into 21-day isolation and forced medical intervention by the state.

I’ve been trying to warn Americans that this day was coming, but the masses are too busy watching the NFL and Dancing With the Stars to wake up to reality. If an Ebola outbreak does manage to sweep across a large U.S. city, millions of people could be swept up in government-mandated medical quarantines enforced at gunpoint.

All those who previously whined about such talk and claimed it was “fear mongering” are now looking like fools, of course. The forced government isolations and blood draws have now begun in Texas.

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  1. Increasing DuPont’s bottom line. Another corporation that will support, and over take, the next presidential election all on the backs of the public. Good Lord!
    . . .

  2. “I’ve been trying to warn Americans that this day was coming, but the masses are too busy watching the NFL and Dancing With the Stars to wake up to reality.”

    BINGO! Nailed it!!!

    I notice the most important supply of all isn’t listed.


  3. “Family members forced to give blood on command to Texas health authorities”

    BOLSHEVIKS! NAZIS!! Hang ’em all! 😡

  4. germ wise, money is filthy, not that many people have much or still use cash or coin, however, the fear driven factor might make a note less desirable than say ….. a wi-fi transaction.

    you get the point,

  5. The way to win is not to play the game. That is meant as food for thought, to help break out of fear reaction patterns. Not meant as putting one’s head in the sand, either.

  6. Spread the word: This ebola outbreak is fake. The Dallas patient is a high-level insider (

    There may be an outbreak later, as the CDC owns the patent on some sort of ebola virus ( But the “solution” will be forced vaccinations (for reducing our IQ or altering our DNA), internment (fema camps), disappearance of dissidents, and likely closed borders, the last stage of tyranny.

    So, don’t be a sheep. Don’t believe anything the CDC says The CDC lied about vaccines and autism ( . Don’t take vaccines. Period. It’s a physical assault on your body.

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