SANDY HOOK Mississippi & SANDY HOOK Connecticut are the Same !!! A Rabbit Told Me

Published on Mar 26, 2013 by Enterthe5t4rz

Links to maps to compare for yourself:……

Same river orientation
Phone number for rabbit farm has 911 in it:
155 Forbes Road
Sandy Hook, MS 39478
Phone: 601-444-0069Fax: 601-444-9111
Hurricane Creek Road at rabbit farm. “Hurricane Sandy”
NEW Hope Road at rabbit farm. “Newtown”
A Spring Hill Baptist Church on Spring Hill Church Road in the same orientation and location as St. Rose of Lima school on Church Hill Road in Newtown.

Okay, so the rabbit farm is on Forbes Road, but Sandy Hook Elementary is on Dickinson Drive. So, as you can imagine I did a Google search on “Forbes Dickinson”. What I found was incredible. First search result below is an article. I have capitalized all words that stood out:…

Engineering Entrepreneur Alex DICKINSON Takes ILLUMINA Into The Cloud

Illumina’s cloud computing visionary Alex Dickinson

Engineer Alex Dickinson thrives on new challenges. Among the handful of companies Dickinson has founded, there’s a photonics chip firm (Luxtera), an RFID tag company and an outfit that improves the light performance of diamonds. These days he’s a senior vice president at DNA sequencing company Illumina in San Diego, a position he landed after Illumina acquired his molecular diagnostic company Helixis (which he also founded) in May 2010. An electrical engineer, Dickinson, 49, got to Illumina with eyes wide open looking for a new project –and found it in the clouds.

“I arrived at Illumina to find myself as an engineer in a company built by very smart biologists,” Dickinson explains. He quickly noticed a looming computing challenge. Illumina has captured about 70% of the market for genetic sequencing machines. Each time a person’s genome is sequenced, the information about 3 billion bases of an individual’s DNA –and the complex re-assembling that happens using computer code — needs to be stored somewhere. As a result, large banks of computers sit next to most of the sequencers that Illumina sells.

4 thoughts on “SANDY HOOK Mississippi & SANDY HOOK Connecticut are the Same !!! A Rabbit Told Me

  1. There are some strange coincidences, I’ll grant you, but I don’t find the connection either. I wish I got the connections as well as the guy in the video; he seems pretty convinced there’s a ‘rabbit hole’ smoking gun; but I just don’t see it.

    1. I do not believe in coinsidences there was a plan here for a future place in time and or an event. Everything has purpose and remember they leave signs everywhere..

  2. This is foolish.
    These aren’t even near coincidental. 34 is not 35. 48 is only 84 reversed. Churchill Rd is not the Same as SpringHill Church rd.
    Sandy Hook, MS is neither a city nor town. It is a community. There is no government other than county government, and there is no school.
    So what if there is a rabbit farm. Only a Mad Hatter would imply that there is any connection between the two places other than the name “Sany Hook.”
    The closest towns to Sandy Hook, MS are: Angie, LA, Tylertown, MS, and Columbia, MS. Sandy Hook, MS is simply the small, “don’t blink as you drive through, or you’ll miss it” community that is at the junction of MS highways 48&35.
    I’ve been there multiple times. I was pastor at Dexter community just a few miles west of there on hwy 48. I know of which I speak.
    Let’s not distract people from the true conspiracies that exist by spouting far-fetched foolishness.

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