Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department, ATF search homes of suspect Elliot Rodger’s parents

A Santa Barbara County Sheriff officer leaves the home of Chin Rodger in the 23000 block of Windom street in West Hills, CA.  Rodger is the mother of Elliott Rodger who is suspected of killing 6 people Friday night in Isla Vista, CA. near the campus of UCSB.  Santa Barbara County Sheriff and ATF searched the home Sunday.    ( Photo by David Crane/Los Angeles Daily News )Redlands Daily Facts – by Brenda Gazzar

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s and federal ATF officials served a search warrant and searched the premises of the West Hills home of the mother of the young man who went on a shooting rampage that left six people dead and 13 injured Friday night in Isla Vista, a college town near Santa Barbara.

Officials brought out one blue box after searching the home of Lichin Rodger, who goes by the name Chin Rodger, for more than an hour but declined to comment on its contents.  

Sgt. Kevin Huddle of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s criminal investigations division confirmed outside the woman’s home that a search warrant had been served but said that he could not comment because “it’s an ongoing investigation.”

Witnesses said the same officials had also served a warrant and searched the premises of the Woodland Hills home of Rodger’s father, Hollywood director Peter Rodger, earlier in the day.

A Los Angeles Police Department watch commander declined to comment on the search warrants Sunday, saying “it’s their (Santa Barbara County’s) investigation.”

Family attorney Alan Shifman could not be reached Sunday for comment.

6 thoughts on “Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department, ATF search homes of suspect Elliot Rodger’s parents

      1. Elliot’s video rant, which struck me as scripted, seemed to me to be the snit of a born-to-wealth young he/she man (he referred to his own looks as “pretty boy”) who had just been dumped by his he/she boy/girl friend, with the vitriol toward women I have seen of men who prefer their own kind. So of course he had no history of romantic encounters with young women.

        Given that his family has been documented as involved in mass media for 2 generations, I have to wonder if he was subject to any programming (which begins with sexual abuse by sodomy, prime time age 3, to split the personality), and if this statement was a reference to possible abuser/programmers: “You forced me to suffer all my life and now I’ll make you all suffer.”

        And of course, we’re now seeing 2 of the agenda items of this psyop: anti-gun which goes hand and hand with zonking the public on psycho meds, that in their convoluted logic bars gun ownership. As the family’s attorney said, “My clients’ mission in life will be to try and prevent any such tragedies from ever happening again.”

        Lots of diversions in this op, eh?

  1. I think you’re spot on Enbe with your “programming” theory. All of this stuff about the 9th Circle, or Le Cercle, crap is just now coming to the surface and we’re only seeing the tip of the iceburg.
    . . .

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