Saturday at the Range with 55 grain V-Max Hornady

Saturday at the range3The first target with the multiple holes and the splatter are the result of the 55 grain V-Max Hornady Bullets. Behind the target was an old metal cooler lid. All bullets penetrated the metal and caused the splatter on the target. That was my first trial of this round with metal behind the traget. To thin metal, clothing, skin and lightly kevlared vests, it appears to be a good round. These were loaded for 2900 FPS. I will test them on other objects soon and send in the results.

The larger holes were .308 RN and V-Max and 7.62×39 and of course .45 Ball.  

Saturday at the range 1

Saturday at the range 2

Saturday at the range3


12 thoughts on “Saturday at the Range with 55 grain V-Max Hornady

  1. The next time I go, I plan on bringing various other rounds of several calibers and firing them numerous backings and will publish the results in detail.
    I may even throw in some Kevlar.

  2. Looks like a day well spent and fun,I shoot different objects with my bow along with firearms,needless to say the arrows shot but fun to do.

    1. EJ Grunt brought the good targets. I usually use paper zero stuff, but these are really good. You don’t have to walk as much. 🙂

      1. I know…..I like those targets, and I might have to break down and buy some because I’m moving out to 200 and 300 yards. I don’t mind the walking but waiting that long to find out where the bullet hit is killing me.

    1. yeah — the #5 is the grid, right? Those are the ones I use, and those lines are an inch apart. They’re perfect for scope adjustments.

      (1 MOA = 1″ @ 100 yrds, I believe)

      1. Yep,tis the one I need,also for my bow and crossbow when taken apart maintenance/upgrade wise,actually going to order some as what I am doing is ,well,pissing in the wind at moment!

  3. Looks like fun, I have not been to range in six months. I a 91/30 with scope that needs a zero.

  4. Hornady Ammo is excellent. I’d been putting up with 3″ + groups from a good target rig in 308Win, had the thing worked on by a good gunsmith and still no big improvement. Switched from a bunch of surplus german ammo to Hornady sporting that Vmax, and OMG!!!!!! That rifle just started DRILLING them. Under 1/2 MOA. Wow. Handloads from hornady in general with all the calibers I used work very well. Usually the price is better too on components.

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