SB719 IDIOT Anti Gunner hearing

Published on Jul 9, 2017 by Leo Stratton

7-7-17 Salem Oregon Capitol building, the Liberals in Oregon Government hate guns, every opportunity they get to pass anti Second Amendment bills they are all over ti like stink on a skunk, the typical excuses consist of Gabby Giffords and Sandy Hook, they have no shame.

3 thoughts on “SB719 IDIOT Anti Gunner hearing

  1. Well, I guess I was right (in a comment on the ‘decriminalization” of drugs in Oregon post)…Oregon wants to take everyone’s guns away, that way, when they pass the “decriminalization” bill that won’t put you in jail unless you have prior convictions for drug use OR a felony against you (say, for owning a gun!). That way, the slave labor system (aka private prisons for profit) can include gun owners who just happen to get “arrested” when a corrupt cop places a “decriminalized” drug in your car or something! Cute, Oregon, cute!

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