“Scared” Mooresville, NC Cop Shoots Pitbull 3 Times, Owner’s Truck After Calling Different Dog


Another day, another dog shot by trigger happy police in Mooresville, North Carolina where the local police have a public info officer that only works Monday-Friday. The PIO could not be reached for comment as the dispatcher says the matter is still under investigation. Melissa Loper couldn’t be reached for comment either, but her posts show the dog and family are recovering.

How long before dog owners come back shooting? Trends have backlash and fallout, give it a few months, a cop somewhere will die after shooting a dog.

If you’d like to call MPD and share your feelings.

Mooresville PD Contact info:
Public info officer ksellers@ci.mooresville.nc.us

Ms. Loper placed a description of Saturday’s, Oct. 18′s events on her Facebook.

Yesterday was a terrible day for me. An officer from The Mooresville Police Department came to my house bent down on his knee and called my chihuahua to come to him out of my yard. Well she started walking to him…and so did my pit bull. The officers backup started to pull out her taser but before she could the other officer that was on his knee managed to stand up and fire his 9mm gun at my pit bull. Hitting her 3 times AND busting the back window out of my Suburban. One of the bullets went into Pinchs paw and shattered the bones. The others were deep muscle wounds in her other legs. Thank GOD we found a vet to help us with her. She had surgery last night and is going to be okay. But here’s my question…What would you do if an officer fired his gun at your house just to hit a dog who was not threatening him. He shot at her just because she was a pit bull. And he was scared. My chihuahua would’ve bit him before pinch would’ve. Even the vets said she was a wonderful dog and very gentle even with half her paw blew off. The MPDs claim person has already called about fixing my back window on my truck but I feel like they should pay the vet bill too!!! He called them out of their yard. Then shot my baby girl. Because he was scared. Keep in mind this was during the day in the middle of subdivision. I’m still shaken up by it all. I’m just thankful my baby girl is gonna be ok. But again I think MPD should pay for her vet bill. What do y’all think??

More updates from Ms. Loper

I am overwhelmed by the love & support we have received for Pinch!!!! From family, friends, and people I don’t even know!!! I appreciate every single message and friend request!!! I will keep everyone updated on Pinch’s progress!!! This is her only chance of keeping her leg!!! So please keep her in your prayers!! I’m finally going to sleep beings everyone else in my house is snoring…fur babies included!!!! Good night!!!!


6 thoughts on ““Scared” Mooresville, NC Cop Shoots Pitbull 3 Times, Owner’s Truck After Calling Different Dog

  1. I would have returned fire on the cops, and then let a jury decide WHO started it.

    Cops should be VERY aware that citizens are going to start meeting force with force, for as my dad always said; “Better judged by 12 than carried by 6”.

  2. She knows the name of every cop involved there including the cop that killed her pit and even better, she knows where they work 🙂 . Need I say more?

    1. The dog wasn’t killed, digger, just injured (thankfully). Didn’t you see the photos of her leg bandaged up, or read the woman’s account of what happened?

      tsk, tsk…….. 🙂

      1. HaHaHa yes, you are right #1. Yes, I did read the article but I guess I was biased and I just assumed that the cops killed their pit. It is amazing that the cops didn`t kill “Pinch”. I am glad that Pinch is still alive and with us all too 🙂

  3. Pits generally get a bad rap, I am now, among other things, an emergency vet tech and have, over time, over 14 yrs experience in the field. Pits have ~1750 psi @ the jaw; whereas a german shephard has ~750psi. One must respect their prospect. Though i am loathe to see some come in, when the stereotypical owner has a ‘wifebeater’ on and a “leash” for it’s creature that is a chain that could pull out a F350 truck from a deep ditch. Pits are also incredibly tough, recently a ~75# male pit we surged on got shot from ~<8' twice in the head with a .40 HP, both shots DID NOT penetrate the skull, one shot richocheted off, and the other traveled SQ around the skull and lodged ~ C3-4 area. The xrays we took showed NO splinters/bone fragements whatsoever on & from the skull. This "patient" was as nice and stoic as one could ask. It was the toughest dog i ever did see. While we gave it methadone, i really did not think it much needed any pain meds. (did not seem to be in pain, or to have much of a 'headache'- waggin the tail all the while) I have pictures of 2 entry wounds on the cranium, and the bullet fragments we took out of it's neck in the cervical area. The 1 bullet jacket had shed from the lead core, which both had mushroomed & fragged considerably.
    If you or i would have been shot ONCE in the head with a .40, WE WOULD BE DEAD.

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