School Teacher Knocks Out 12-Year-Old Student Over A Joke About A Football Team

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A 7th grader from Beaumont, TX was knocked out by an assistant teacher from his math class last week.

According to 12-year-old Reginald Wells, the teacher blindsided him with a punch to the face after he made a joke about his teacher’s favorite football team, “The last person’s voice I heard was some girl saying that I should call my mom, and then he like hit me, and I blacked out.” Reginald told 12 News.  

The boy says the teacher first hit him in the shoulder, “and I looked at him like ‘what the heck?’’ And then Reginald says he pushed the teacher’s shoulder, and that’s when the teacher hit him with the knock out punch. Reginald, who weighs only 80 pounds, fell straight to the ground.

“The left side of my face was numb…my lip hurt…my head was hurt, like it had been shaken.” Says Reginald. The boy’s mother was briefed by the school’s principal about the incident…

“(The principal) said Reginald was punched, in the shoulder, and then hit two times and uppercut, and then slid across the floor. It weighed heavy on my heart, because I’ve never put my hands on my son.”

The most disturbing part of this story? The teacher was not even arrested. He was thrown out of the school and fired on the spot, but the teacher was not arrested. Reginald’s mother was shocked, “For you to just let a teacher do that to him and just walk off, he’s fired and walks off, I can’t accept that.”

According to Reginald, the teacher told him that he was having a “bad day” before school officials escorted him out. He did not apologize for knocking the boy out, though. The incident is currently being investigated by officials down in Beaumont.

Unbelievable. We all have bad days, but you can’t just knock out some 12-year-old who insulted your favorite football team. You’re supposed to go home and let all your anger out on a throw pillow.

Source: 12News

10 thoughts on “School Teacher Knocks Out 12-Year-Old Student Over A Joke About A Football Team

  1. He sounds like he would make for a perfect modern day law enforcement officer. Wait, this is Texas we’re talking about, so he probably already has a badge and gun in one of their fine police precincts.

  2. This pos so called educater/teacher would be haveing a knock on his door from me if he ever layed a single finger on my kid dammit. This bastard really needs to be locked up for at least 10 years for assault and battery causing fisical injury. If this happened one time then ya know that it has happened many more………. What kind of bothers me is that they give the victims name but they didn`t give the so called teachers name – I wonder why.

    1. Ya got to go old school on people like this Digger,
      First step is to bust his hands up good with a nice ball-pien hammer.
      Then tell him to put up his dook’s and fight a real man since he enjoys picking on someone much smaller and weaker by making him that way.
      Lets see how well he does against the kid’s older brother or maybe a cousin then who could at least put up a fight.
      I am getting my popcorn for that one its sure to be interesting.

  3. If it isn’t the students beating up the teachers, then it’s the teachers beating up the students.

    I’m certain Common Core will solve all those problems.

    And Anna Nicole Smith DID marry for love.

    1. Yes that may be true maybe and not true about that anna nichole smith, but the difference is is this is a 12 yr. old little kid getting knocked out by a so called adult teacher…..This is a good example of why we have kids with bad attitudes as learning by example usually has a bigger influence on kids than being preached to by a bunch of arrogant, hippocritical, teachers. This teacher reminds me of what cops do.

      1. I know, digger. I was being both cynical & facetious at the same time.

        You REALLY don’t believe Anna Nicole married for love? LOL. That happens to be a line from one of my favorite movies – “The Shooter” with Mark Wahlberg.

        It’s basically saying if you believe that, you’ll believe anything. 🙂

        1. 🙂 yes I know #1. I dealin` with broken ribs right now and I do not go to dr.s, ya can about imagin the pain broken ribs are with out some pain killers but I`m dealin` with it. I hope you guys can bear with me lately. PC prob.s and broken ribs. I did get some excellent support from our good and trusted freind RT the other day about a possible turn coat freind of mine I had for over 30 + yr.s. that invites cops into his house and parties with cops and their kids. No that is not Millard but Millard knows who I am talkin` about I am sure. Sorry about not stayin` in touch lately but lately my life sucks, hope you guys understand if I am a little out of line. I hope to talk to ya soon #1.

  4. Now that is a lesson in shutting your mouth.
    Your homework is to stiffen that lip and get up off the ground. lol

    But if he hit my kid(who wouldn’t be running his mouth) there would be a molotov cocktail party at his house.

  5. remember the good ole days when there were adult to child boundaries you just never crossed? those days are over. i could give you numerous examples and or reasons why but will take too long. i can think of one in my own family who everyone hates who should be in jail. he doesn’t care if you’re young, old as long as he gets to take his aggressions out on other peoples kids or family members he feels he has the right to because they’re lower than him. like a predator they know who they can and can’t. he’s a security guard. need i say more.

  6. When I taught HS remedial algebra in a gangland HS in El Paso in 1994, I was almost assaulted a couple of times (once a ninja star went by about an inch from my left eye side of the head)…I retired sorta from public school teaching after that, mostly to homeschool my kids. In the 50s and 60s stuff like that never would have happened even in ghetto type schools. But this is 2013 and seeing the behavioral progression toward narcissism and even psychopathy in some students, and now in some teachers (mostly because school principals will not let teachers handle discipline problems the way they ought to be handled anymore, nor will they aid teachers by backing them up), I am not surprised. If you can’t homeschool, you need to find a way to get enough money together to pay for private school, where discipline still matters…behave, or be expelled, and for teachers, either teach and discipline or be fired.

    BTW, Texas does NOT have Common Core (one of the 5 states that has not passed it yet), so don’t be saying this is a Texas thing, above, Sunfire!

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