September Auction for From the Trenches

The Winners Are:

Pawns in the Game, FBI Edition: Ed Teach $39
Folk Medicine: New England Almanac and Apple Cider Vinegar: Miracle Health System: Zed $60
Tactical Pen Multitool Survival Gadget: Amongst the Wreckage $20
Surgical Practice Kit With Synthetic Skin: Mary $50
Surgical Kit: Mary $50
The South Was Right: Galen $31
The First American Revolution: Norm $40

Thank you to all who participated, we do appreciate all you do. 

Mark Schumacher, US Marine Fighting Tyranny, Galen, and Mary are sponsoring an auction to raise funds for From the Trenches World Report.

This way, the Trenchers will get what they want and the Trenches will be supported.

All auctions will end on Friday, September 25th at noon, Pacific Time.

The winning bidder can either donate via PayPal or mail the donation to Henry Shivley, P.O. Box 964, Chiloquin, Oregon 97624.

Make sure you include your current mailing address so that the prizes can go out as soon as possible.

Thank you to Mark Schumacher, US Marine Fighting Tyranny, Galen, and Mary for the donations and to all who participate.

Good luck and have fun!

12 thoughts on “September Auction for From the Trenches

  1. “Politically disempowered and fearful of economic ruin, the patriots of rural Massachusetts risked their all not just to help their neighbors but to help themselves. The people of each locality, although communicating with each other through their committees of correspondence, received no orders from a central authority. … The Massachusetts Revolution of 1774 was not only decentralized but thoroughly ubiquitous. … It simply erupted everywhere and whenever. … A ubiquitous uprising might be harder to contain than a tidy one.”



    1. Thank you Mary.
      Hoffman II is a good read too.
      I’ll be reading the new book tomorrow. I look forward to spreading the info.
      Thanks again.

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