The Word From the Trenches – September 25, 2020

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16 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – September 25, 2020

  1. I just had to respond to Jamal’s comment on the show that you cannot survive without agreeing to their rules. I am living proof that you can!

    I lead a much simpler life now because I do not watch television or listen to the radio. I do not hold a valid i.d. card or license to drive. I have not payed payroll tax in over 10 years. The only tax I am burdened with is sales tax on purchases. Basically I have dropped out of the system, support the bill of rights and am very much alive.

    I trust the Lord Jesus to provide for me and thank Him every day so he continues to do so. My faith grows daily now, thank the Lord Jesus.

    Jill in OKC

    1. Hi Jill. I don’t remember saying you can’t survive, I thought I said, or meant to say anyway that you can’t be part of society without being subjugated. I know there are pockets of people who have ways to go around it but the reality is the vast majority of people are part of this society. And not too many can or are inclined to leave it. Reality is that no matter how many do get out somehow the majority will be in. So I’m just of the mind that yes, we can maintain our society and culture we built without being subjugated like we are.

  2. I couldn’t listen live today goddammit. But how awesome to hear Jamal and misty and Henry talk it out, it goes to show the anger building. All I can say is the people have the upper hand, no doubt about it.

    Also, let’s make sure we donate to the site, this is damned important.

    Just want to add, we’ve never had an honest government, system whatever, if we did we wouldn’t be here.

    Really great show

  3. Quite a show today. Thanks to all who participated. Made me want to post the following quote again because it so relates to our current fight; it highlights the pre-Revolution unnamed who flat-out refused to be subjects:

    “Politically disempowered and fearful of economic ruin, the patriots of rural Massachusetts risked their all not just to help their neighbors but to help themselves. The people of each locality, although communicating with each other through their committees of correspondence, received no orders from a central authority. … The Massachusetts Revolution of 1774 was not only decentralized but thoroughly ubiquitous. … It simply erupted everywhere and whenever. … A ubiquitous uprising might be harder to contain than a tidy one.”

    I understand the urgency, and I think many of us are already (consciously) in the fight. Every time we speak up or non-comply, we’re fighting. And when we step into the face of tyranny and risk our very lives. That lady at the football game keeps comin’ to mind. In a way she set down the template for every freedom-loving person to ask themselves: Would I just have stood there or would I have jumped in. I’d jump in best I could. That is one example of the fight coming to us. Our choice whether we stand or run.

    So aside from greeting the fights when it shows up in our neighborhoods, while Jamal was talking about being “sick of it” and about wanting to get things started, I kept thinking of “line in the sand.” Many I speak to today say it’s the vax, and/or when they come for the guns. Each has his or her “enough” moment. I think the Trenchers have such a load of wisdom that they’ll (we’ll) all know the exact time to engage. Like JD said: individual decision. For me, much of it is about my husband and kids. Harm them, you’re dead. But it’s also about getting back to a life worth living. They stole EVERYTHING!! Remember the freedom? Remember the joy and delight? Remember peaceful days and clean air? Remember a thousand good and noble things? They are what we are winning back.

    Quote: “They’re gonna keep pushin’, but they’re gonna keep pushin’ from each side ’cause they want us to join one side of that communism or another. When we do do something, we have to do it as individual free sovereigns and make sure they understand that we are not a part of either faction of the communism and that we are going to drive the communism out of this country. … Then they will know who we are, and they haven’t even met us yet.
    — Henry Shivley

    Bill of Rights = The Way Out. Courage, the means.


    1. If I had editing capability, which I don’t, I’d remove the “s” from the word “fights,” 4th paragraph, first line.
      Yeah, I know, anal retentive.



      1. ‘anal retentive’ 🙂 gave me a flashback to when I was working as a nurse and one of my co workers (and friend) was pointing out the incorrectness (she was being picky) of how a procedure had been done in the unit. I gave her a look then she said ‘yeah I know, I’m being anal retentive’ to which I asked ‘Is ‘anal retentive’ hyphenated? She said ‘I don’t know, I’ll go look it up’ We laughed so hard we cried. After that whenever she started harping on something of inconsequence I would ask ‘are you being hyphenated again?’
        That always gave us a chuckle.

        1. Cute story, Mary. The hyphen, so often ignored, certainly has its place. By some it is revered as The Great Joiner, The Bridge-builder. It takes an isolated word and makes it part of something much bigger, bigger than itself. Its importance cannot be over-emphasized. In the deep crypts of academia, there are ancient manuscripts chronicling earlier times when the hyphen did not exist, or some say, was not yet discovered, stating, that it has no beginning and no end, and that it always was and always will be. Apparently in those earlier times, the average IQ of the multitudes was quite low due to the stealth nature of the hyphen itself. Sentences often consisted of only one or two words, yet the people had no idea of that limitation. It wasn’t until the medieval period that the hyphen first asserted itself into the language of Rome, curiously by way of Tahiti. Needless to say, it turned the world up-side-down, echoing in both The Renaissance and consequently The Enlightenment. And best of all, it paved the way for another supreme character, one disguised as superfluous and pedantic. Of course I speak of the semicolon. But really, there are no words to describe its utility, its breath, except to say it is the love-child of the period and the comma.

          Forgive me, Mary, I just had to go somewhere tonight.



  4. I just finished listening to today’s archive. A most excellent broadcast.
    Henry: “We can not lose heart” “They haven’t even met us yet” “If you’re not ready to die yet, you’re not ready to fight yet”
    JD: “They are going to be afraid when they realize we are the storm” “You’ve got to discipline that anger”
    The enemy has tried for years to get a race war going in this country. The orchestration we see going on today had to be paid for! Think on that for a bit.

  5. Ass Kicker report!!!
    There is a greater underground network them most know.
    We are better set up than most think.
    That’s all I got to say about that.
    Just got hotspot again. It lasts only a half a month if not witty.
    I don’t like the fkng “smarty phone transceiver thingy”.

    1. I swear I heard a bit of a Sousa march in there and that ‘blessing song’ had a touch of ‘Danny Boy’ 🙂

      1. Maybe they subconsciously want to be us. This was creepy and beautiful at the same time. I understand them callin’ out the enemy, but in all my days I’ve never seen such creepy worship of a leader. It’s like the whole nation is a cult. I wonder if there are any rebels there. I hope so, but it must be really tough to be a stallion surrounded by sheep. And who the fk is Dennis Rodman?


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