14 thoughts on “Should I run for it?

  1. hell yeah.. that cop if he even tried would trip on his own mud flap..
    and these are the cops that say to the Nigs to pull up their pants..smh

  2. Now this is funny…..I’ve seen some fat cops but I have never seen one this much out of shape. Thanks Jesse this is a good and funny post…lol!

  3. Best not run for it. That is what happens to the human body after years of roid abuse and then having to come clean for health reasons. Add in the damage to the brain roid use causes, the unstable mental state said officers will be in, his feind cops who will come out on roid highs. And is your life worth it to run. The slow death by tazer they will inflict on you. And the cost to your family to pay of the police first before they are allowed to bury you and that cost.

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