Signed T-Shirt Drawing January 2, 2015


The Rebirth of the Patriot T-Shirt signed by the Liberty Tree Radio hosts will go up for raffle on January 2, 2015.  Tickets are $10 for five chances, $2 per chance thereafter.

To get your name in the hat, go to Liberty Tree Radio’s donate page here: and mention in the comment box that you want to be entered in the drawing.

Proceeds will go towards upgrading the Liberty Tree Radio broadcast.

(Donations must be made to Liberty Tree Radio, not From the Trenches to be entered in the drawing.)

15 thoughts on “Signed T-Shirt Drawing January 2, 2015

  1. I’m in, I will donate tmrow 🙂
    Can I ask you guys an off topic question? I just happened to be listening to alex jones this morning in the background and he has this guest on Dr. Steve Pieczenik….I think the guy is clueless. Do any of you know him or know of him?
    Why alex has him on his show is beyond me. I dont think even alex agrees with him…anyway, thanks.

    1. He has quite an education(cornell/mit/harvard) for being a cuban born immigrant. He worked for 5 administrations. I wouldn’t trust him. either of them.

      Wow, he work directly for kissinger. definitely wouldn’t trust him.

    2. Hi hweinhard,

      Pieczenik is a commie bag of puke.

      ANYONE that worked for any “adminstration”,.. especially FIVE of them, only gets there, and gets to hold that position for so long one way!,.. and that is when they are a dedicated, hard-core, zionist/international/commie-jew scumbag,… and this is putting it very politely.

      You want to read about how much these scumbag zionist/bolshevik/pyscho-commie-Jews have had control of our government, then read: “From Major Jordan’s Diaries” by Major George Racey Jordan (USAF) – 1952,.. which is what I have been covering on our radio show for over a week now.

      Hope that helps! – JD


  2. I wanted to be in drawing so I made a $20 donation to Liberty Tree Radio. I wish I could give you guys and gals more but I’m struggling like everybody else. Without your station I think we would be a lot further down the hole. Thanks for all that you do.

    1. It’s a nice shirt, but I’m not a very organized person, and I’d never take proper care of it, so I just sent $20 into this site. I hope the shirt goes to someone who’ll preserve it as the piece of history that it is.

      1. I agree JR, I hope whoever wins the drawing appreciates what that shirt represents and will treat it with the respect it deserves.

  3. Thanks you guys for the input….I just had a feeling he was, well, what JD said 🙂
    After awhile learning we start getting almost a 6th sense about these things huh? And thanks for the research info Notto

  4. Using a pseudonym on the internet is not an act of cowardice; it’s common sense, you moron. If you think there’s some benefit to plastering your name all over the internet for everyone to see, maybe you should run into combat wearing day-glow orange rather than that cowardly camouflage.

    I’ve advised everyone to remain as anonymous as possible on the internet for 12 years, simply because there’s absolutely nothing to be gained by posting your real name on line, and we don’t need any additional harassment of activists by IRS, local cops, rat bastards, or even old girlfriends.

    No one’s asking you to cash my personal checks. We’re only exchanging ideas here. It’s a medium that’s limited to words, and as such, attaching your name to them is a foolish act of vanity.

    I never got involved in political activity to become famous, and I’m not running for office. Yes, maybe the NSA can find out everyone’s real name if they want to, but why do you want to give aid to the enemy by making their job easy for them?

    1. We’re all on “the list” JR. We’re Patriots, Constitutionalists, you know, those “dirty words” they throw at the mention of either, as if, we’re the problem. What a crock of $hit they’ve stirred to get us to this point.

    2. Add to that the fact a person’s real name says absolutely nothing about their nature or beliefs, whereas a user name may convey much in that respect.

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