Signs: America To Hit The Wall And Go Splat!!

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Disclaimer: The following will happen if and only if we do not arrest the Bankers, seize their assets and  have Debt Cancellation combined with monetary and banking reforms.

The US is losing friends and influence as people overseas can see the End is Nigh for the Dollar and for Washington. The Vietnamese are allowing Russians to use former American air bases to fuel long range bombers. And the British have joined China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. The Chinese are trying to push the US out of Asia just as the US pushed Europeans out of Latin America with its Monroe Doctrine in the early 19th century.  

Britain, Australia, Germany and other key allies have set up financial hubs to allow direct currency exchanges between their currency and the yuan. The Chinese yuan is the fifth most traded currency in the world.

The BRICS Post said the Chinese are in direct talks with the IMF to include the yuan in the basket of currencies that make up the SDR (Special Drawing Rights.) The four current SDR currencies are the US dollar, the pound, the euro and the Japanese yen. The deadline for inclusion is September 15th this year. The next opportunity for admission will be in 2010.  The Obama admin rather arrogantly rebuffed China’s last application in 2010.

The Chinese will have to open their gold vaults to public inspection and audit before they can be accepted. Some time this summer we could see just how much gold they have in their vaults. Dr Jim Willie has a source who has worked in Europe helping to sell one thousand tons of gold every month for 30 months from Europe to Asia. That same source and others have said that bullion banks have been stealing gold from European and Arab customers that had been on deposit and selling  it to Asians.

The bullion banks have been leasing gold from the Central Banks and the Federal Reserve which they sell five times as paper certificates of gold on deposit. Some of those banks have had to refuse to redeem their gold deposits. And recently the Bank of England told the Austrians that their gold might have disappeared.

Jim Rickards, a CIA and DOD monetary adviser, said he has talked to a man who brought gold into China that was never listed on any official observer’s website. China has been buying gold mines. It will be interesting to see the Chinese open their vaults to inspection.

The euro has dropped to a 12 year low of $1.05. The Greeks were told that they should stop paying wages and pensions for a month or two so they would have enough money to make their loan payment to the Banks. Obviously, Bankers have never tried to work as a hospital orderly or drove a truck. Only sheltered people could think that workers would show up to their job and be willing to forget paydays for the next two months.

The US dollar is currently surging in exchange value because investors and speculators are buying trillions of dollars to liquidate losing investments and loans denominated in dollars. The value of a currency is determined by supply and demand. The US since NAFTA does not make things other countries buy. NAFTA closed 57,000 factories and sent 12 million jobs overseas. The US has allowed Monsanto to produce crops which are banned in many nations. America has forced debtor nations in Africa to take Monsanto seeds despite their objections that GMO franken food and their Round Up pesticide will seriously harm the health of the people and the farm animals who eat them.

Once this flurry of loan liquidations is over the dollar should begin to slide. That will be about the time the Chinese open their gold vaults. I do not think the Chinese will immediately announce a gold backed yuan but will first allow the price of gold to rocket towards the heavens in price. That will seriously harm Washington’s standing in the world paving the way for the yuan’s acceptance into the IMF’s SDR basket of currencies.

Hint 1: Any sudden price rise in gold will take silver with it.

Hint 2: The Hong Kong Exchange halted all gold futures contracts today (Friday the 13th) because the London gold price fix will soon end and be replaced by a Chinese based electronic gold auction. This will be an auction where you have to actually deliver the gold you sold and you are not allowed to sell the bullion you stole from a depositor. HSBC used to be the custodian for the GLD paper gold trust. They closed all of their gold vaults. Good luck getting gold when you sell your GLD shares.

The Federal Reserve is pumping up the value of stocks in New York.  They loan dollars at low, near zero interest rates so corporations can buy their own stocks. This makes stock prices rise despite the drop both in earnings per share and in dividends. Poor earnings, declining sales and an increasing debt load will eventually make those stocks look extremely unattractive. But before that day arrives executives can get ‘performance based’ bonuses and cash in their stock options. Insiders are selling record amounts of stocks in High Tech.

Foreigners are also buying dollars so they can get into the New York stock market before it collapses. This will not last long. The Baltic Dry Index is down to new lows which means there will be no recovery in production in the near future. And lumber prices and futures have also reached new lows so housing will continue to slump.

The European stock markets are up but nowhere near as much as gold is in foreign currencies. European stocks went up because their Central Bank under Mario Draghi has promised to print a trillion euros. After the stocks have risen in euros, the risk to investors will be that their euro denominated investments will decline in relation to the dollar, to gold and to the yuan.

The Japanese yen is one of those four SDR currencies. Currently, the Japanese debt is one quadrillion yen ($10.46 trillion US). The Japanese government plans to spend 43% of its revenue this year to service the debt. This is not good.

There is also a major risk to the Banks and to the West coming from Credit Default Swaps. CDS were invented by Blythe Masters of J P Morgan in 1995. What a CDS does is to allow a bank to use their assets to earn revenue without real risk. They give out false insurance guarantees that if the price of oil or a currency like the euro drops below a certain value, they will paid for the loss.

The Too Big To Jail Bankers sit on the board that determines if your CDS should be paid out. They are very stingy. So why would you buy a CDS? You need one to commit fraud. Pension funds are only allowed to buy AAA rated bonds. When the Banks created trillions of dollars in fraudulent Mortgage Backed Securities, they needed to buy CDS to guarantee them so their worthless securities could receive AAA ratings from agencies that were paid for ratings they did not deserve.

The Federal Reserve saw the handwriting on the wall. A couple of years ago they told the Big Banks to write living wills. That meant they were to separate their assets into several different corporate names. All the good stuff was set aside to survive the coming collapse in the hands of very special people. All the vulnerable assets remained in the commercial bank. All CDS swaps (numbering in hundreds of trillions of dollars) were transferred over to the commercial bank.

The Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and other Central Banks all agreed that bank depositors were to  now to be considered as investors in the bank. This means the Bank’s creditors could seize the money the depositors had been saving for a rainy day. For example, a man who sold mortgage bonds he knew were to fail could collect on a CDS he bought for pennies on the dollar. He is worthy to be paid from the depositors’ savings.

Mark Twain said America has the best Congress money can buy.

The Congress passed a law in December which Obama signed holding US taxpayers liable for the losses the Banks will have on their two hundred trillion plus dollars in potential CDS losses.

Hint 3: The Federal Reserve will never raise interest rates before the Dollar Dies. The US could never survive an interest rate increase. There are hundreds of trillions of dollars in CDS guarantees on the value of the dollar and against any rise in interest rates.

America and Great Britain are weighed down heavily by corruption.

A Depression is a period in time when Unpayable Debts are canceled en masse. The British have even more Unpayable Debts than the Americans so their forthcoming Depression will be exceedingly severe. The US in for even harder times than they were back in the 1930s when 3 million Americans starved to death because we have more debts now than last time.

There are two events scheduled for September of 2015 that were heavily promoted by Israeli intelligence. I wrote about one recently. It is the Shemitah which is the time when debts were to be cancelled in  ancient Israel. It is called the Jubilee in the Bible. It has been presented in the modern media as God pouring his wrath upon America because of abortion or Gay rights or fill in the blank. It actually is the consequence of a failure to cancel bad debts and has nothing to do with God’s Judgement. The Shemitah is scheduled for September 13, 2015 which is a Sunday.

The second event heavily promoted by Israeli intelligence are the four Blood Moons. A rare event that occurs once every 500 years. The fourth and final Blood Moon is to occur on September 28, 2015. It is said to be a sign of war and doom.

September looks like as good a time as any for America to hit a Brick Wall. The Israelis have already prepared prophecies for the gullible to explain why these disasters have nothing to do with banking, the greed of Wall Street and the corruption of the City of London.

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