11 thoughts on “Silver Hell Silver Hell. it’s chemtrail time in the city.

  1. I hear you Wade , it looks like a short sleeve , short pants Christmas is shaping up for us down here in s. Louisiana . Start the ball Tector !!!

  2. None here today. They were busy bees though a couple days ago.

    Oreganol P-73 (oregano oil)
    Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother (a tablespoon with water)
    Lots of vitamin C
    Lots of cayenne
    Micro-plant Powder (diatomaceous earth)
    Exercise (sweat it out)
    Lots of attitude toward this commie crap! Helps me a lot.

  3. Extremely dense aerosol output here in Central Indiana today. LOTS of intersecting lines. Aerosol trails left a dense shadow on lower, previously deposited haze.

  4. Silver Hell, Silver Hell it’s chemtrail time in the city.
    Barium, Aluminum sure makes the sky look shitty.
    People Are brain dead, can’t lift up their heads,
    To see they’re being sprayed like fly’s,
    And when we all get dementia will cry.
    Silver Hell, Silver Hell, why is dad talking to the Tree?
    Dingalings, IQ did a reverse swing,
    Soon i won’t be able think of anything.
    Ringaling, CIA denied everything,
    Those Planes are not Evergreen.

    1. HAHAHAHA! Thanks for the Christmas cheer, Wade! 🙂

      Love to beat them to death like one of Bing’s kids for poisoning us.

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