4 thoughts on “Situation Report from Arizona Militia from the Bundy ranch

  1. For or against that is the way it is , Period done no comprimise at all
    Personaly , I do not trust it. Something is behind this that is not being told and I believe that on both the sides on this bundy BS !!
    I think it is a bunch of crap!!!!

  2. Wow, thanks Henry. This answers a number of questions I’ve had. I remember the interview where the rancher’s son said it feels like we’ve been invaded. It’s clear that it feels that way because we have been.

  3. Excellent info. Thanks Henry. Mark and Ed really got their heads together on what needs to be done. Hope the militia stand firm and do what needs to be done. May God be with them always.

    The Oathkeepers, on the other hand, you all know how I feel about those cowardly bastards. I never trusted them. All talk and no backbone. They’re controlled opposition and I’d swear Stewart Rhodes is a snitch for the elite. He knew that gun shop raid by the ATF was going to happen before it happened and that’s why he had that surprise meeting just before it happened in order to get his men out of the line of fire. The guy’s a snitch. He’s probably talking to a Fed as we speak back at his motel, telling them everything that’s going on. If I were one of the militia, I’d send a member to follow him and keep him under surveillance, catch him and expose him in the act. He smells like a cop and a very corrupt one at that. I don’t trust him one bit.

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