‘Sniper Nest’ Found Near College Campus In Chicago — but It’s the Type of Gun Found Close by That May Be More Disturbing

ingram_mac10_0001.jpged3301fb-079f-4171-9016-700c2d503325Large-1The Blaze- by Elizabeth Kreft

Chicago Police discovered what media outlets have described as a “sniper nest” within shooting distance of a college campus.

WFLD-TV reported officials found “a high-powered semi-automatic rifle” about a block from the campus of Kennedy King college last Thursday. Officers say the nest was then found on top of a garage across from a soccer field near the Kennedy King College.

But the weapon officers recovered at the scene wasn’t a rifle but a fully loaded Mac-10.  

“I’m not sure why they are calling it a sniper’s nest, it was a machine gun, not a rifle,” Officer Mike Sullivan, Chicago Police Department spokesman, told TheBlaze.

Sullivan said media members should look up the difference between a Mac-10 and a rifle. “They are very different,” he said.


Sullivan also told TheBlaze the incident is still under investigation and they “don’t have any suspects, really don’t have any other details as of now.”

Police investigated the area around the campus and the particular spot where they found the nest after receiving information related to an ongoing conflict between two gangs in the area, according to WGN-TV.

News of the frightening discovering spread when Kennedy King officials notified students, as required, emphasizing that it does not appear anyone on campus was the target, but Chicago Police did not confirm that statement either way.

City Colleges of Chicago released this statement on the incident Monday night:

“We are legally required to send out an alert to our students and staff when we become aware of an incident in proximity to the campus. This incident did not take place on campus and all inquiries should go through [Chicago Police Department]. It is the assessment of the CCC Safety and Security Office that there was no threat to the campus.”


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2 thoughts on “‘Sniper Nest’ Found Near College Campus In Chicago — but It’s the Type of Gun Found Close by That May Be More Disturbing

  1. No word how they located the bullshit nest…

    Sounds like the cops were near and they ditched their guns, perhaps to return later for them. Rated out by the other ‘side’?

    Murder weapon tossed??

    Silencers…heavily regulated and registered…bot very expensive and – WOW! found on top of a garage. Shows how well ‘registeration’ works, eh

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