Snowden Applies For Asylum In Russia, Putin Says Yes If…

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

Snowden has provided a pack of documents to Moscow and has officially applied for asylum in Russia.

Russia, has refused US requests to extradite him.  

Putin will consider asylum if Snowden can prove to a Russian parliament that the U.S. has violated international law by bugging and tapping into Russian officials computer networks.

Both France and Germany are furous over the newest leaks that state that EU, german and french officials among others have had their offices bugged by the NSA. They have asked the US to stop immediately or else.  -Mort

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One thought on “Snowden Applies For Asylum In Russia, Putin Says Yes If…

  1. How can we take anything about this Whistle blower seriously?

    So far, he hasn’t revealed anything I haven’t known for years.

    The US has just signed up to have Russian troops here for security at major events. Now, Putin tells us Snowden can’t stay in Russia unless he stops blowing the whistle.

    I’m sorry. I think this is all a psyop on sheeple, journalists and real whistle blowers

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