14 thoughts on “Snowpocolypse

    1. well Katie I officially declared Autumn does not happen up here….6 months of winter instead
      and it is made official by penning the declaration to paper with my signature attached……hey if the jews can do it so can I 🙂

  1. Sorry, Henry. I hate it too! Pretty to look at but that’s about it.Tree fell on gfs car a couple years ago. Thought her car was demolished! Turns out the stump had held the tree back from bearing down its weight full-force and the branches on the side stopped it from making full contact with it. Completely engulfed the car. Don’t ask me how…only had to buff the clear coat. Hope you’re warm and cozy now.

  2. Best part of renting. Someone else gets to pay to have that done and someone else’s insurance.

    Drove 3 snowy passes today. All in washington. I’m over snow when cars are involved. I love camping in it. Tried a few weeks ago but November and clear 58 highs and 45 lows. Still was great. No bugs , snot goblers, or hipsters.

  3. Ya know , and people complain about rain
    Well , I ain’t shoved rain yet .. but dam sure done my share of shuckin snow

    I always get nervous on heavy wet snow days
    And high wind 28 degree days that are raining
    The trees get so heavy with ice and snow they come crashing down all over

    Erie to listen to in the calm of the night

    1. Complains about rain? NOBODY complains about rain in desert far west Texas! 😉 Snow? Only when we get half and inch or so, which isn’t very often.

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