So If 30,000 People within 50 Miles Of Your House Starve To Death

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I decided to call the next Depression the Greatest Starvation, because I want to shock people from their slumbers. I tell people that according to the demographer Borisov between 3 and 7 million Americans died from starvation in the Great Depression. American record keeping was so poor in the 1930s that he can only prove at least 3 million died from starvation. But it could have easily been a lot more than that. The United States only had 125 million people at that time and Americans lived closer to farms 80 years ago. I think I am being honest when I estimate 10 million Americans could die from starvation in the next Depression. That is assuming there is no Debt Cancellation and no Monetary Reform to prevent a worldwide mass die off.  

I am not including any of the millions nationwide who will prefer to commit suicide in the 10 million.

I do not know what is really happening on the ground in foreign countries but I read recently that malnutrition has doubled in Great Britain. This is according to a British Medical journal.

A man in his late 50s who was a small boy when President Kennedy was assassinated explained the official theory of the Warren Commission and the Mainstream press to a teenager. He then showed the young man the Zapruder film. He realized that the teenager had suddenly understood that he was living in a dictatorship. It really shocked him at a deep level. If you want a job or to have any success at all, you must believe what your are told to believe. The Department of Homeland Security wants Americans to apply to them for a license to practice their profession. Even truck drivers will need a license from DHS saying they were Good Boys. School teachers, administrators and nurses will need DHS licenses proving their Obedience. It is as if we were all being sent to Doggie Obedience school. But wait. Isn’t that they are teaching us at airports when they grope our genitals?

America has 39 counties with a population of at least a million people. There are 52 metropolitan areas with more than a million people. So if you live in an American city or suburb, there is a good chance that there are a million people living within 50 miles (80.5 Kilometers) of your house. Think what this means for your town. If 10 million Americans die of starvation nationwide, then at least 30,000 people living near you could starve to death. To roughly estimate the number of deaths in your neighborhood just divide the total population by thirty.

Some people live in large urban areas in California, Illinois, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York-New-Jersey. Those people could lose anywhere from 150,000 to 300,000 from starvation within 50 miles of their homes and more than that within 100 miles.

I currently live in a small town. I could expect 2,000 of the local 60,000 residents within 6 miles of my house to drop dead from starvation. There are more than a million people living in a rather dangerous city less than 100 miles from me. So what happens to us if 600,000 people flee the big city looking for food? If they head out in the 4 directions of the major highways leaving their city, people like me in small towns on major highways could get wiped out rather quickly.

That is the problem I have not yet addressed. If mass starvation causes Nationwide Food Riots, will the dying stop at 10 million? What happens if the economy is ruined by a protracted Racial Civil war? I believe Wall Street wants a Race War so we cannot march on Wall Street and demand the return of the tens of trillions of dollars they stole from us.

Suppose 2 million blacks die from starvation? What will the surviving blacks do? Suppose 2 million Hispanics die from starvation. What will their friends and families do? What will the 1.4 million members of gangs do? White Americans have 300 million guns. What will they do if 5 million or more whites starve to death? Will there be a country left?

Getting people to think about 10 million Americans dying from starvation will force them to focus on survival. Let’s kick into gear the survival instincts of those people the Bankers need to do their bidding. At the top of the list are the military, the police, state and local officials and hopefully some federal workers in key positions to just say No.

Remember this: At some level we all have the right to disobey the insanity that comes our way from those above us in the government. We have the right to say NO. Joining together to refuse to obey will stop any dictatorship.

Prepare yourself. Look up the population in your area. What will happen if one in thirty of the people living within 50 miles of you dies from starvation? Calculate that number before you begin the conversation. If you are 80 or 90 miles from the city center, then change the argument. Ask them what they think will happen when 50,000 or 100,000 or more people within 100 miles starve to death.  Confront them reality.

I might remind you that the government allows the CIA to bring in plane loads of cocaine and heroin which they sell to drug gangs. These gangs have 1.4 million members in the US. The federal government sells them guns. The Mexican drug gangs have killed 80,000 people in their country. These are the people who employ 12 year-old boys to chop off the heads and genitals of people they do not like. They have 250,000 members in their American affiliated gangs. That’s enough people to destroy several major cities.

There will be way too many refugees for the federal government to handle. They can’t even manage small hurricanes like Katrina and Sandy. They have over 800 FEMA and National Guard camps where they can house a few million people for a few weeks.

I would expect the Bankers to use their employees at the CIA, DHS and FBI to stir up riots in the cities and in the camps so they can start the killing process. The other problem is that I expect the Bankers to release a series of plagues to kill people.

I have had enough of the Federal Reserve, Wall Street and the City of London. All of our wars were started by them and done for their benefit. They have bled us dry by charging us interest on the money they created out of nothing. They stole 8.35 trillion dollars from US Department of Defense spending. They stole hundreds of billions from other Departments. And now they want to kill six billion people using starvation and lab engineered plagues.

The next few months might be your last chance to resist.

7 thoughts on “So If 30,000 People within 50 Miles Of Your House Starve To Death

  1. The Federal Government has shut down most of the large and family farms across America and out in California it is against the law to buy from roadside stands and buy from farmers. This is done as PART OF THE ONE WORLD ORDER TO STARVE PEOPLE TO DEATH in The Once free America.

  2. With what I saw on Black Friday we wont live long enough to starve most of us will be murdered by our own ravenously hunting down anything you have and killing you for it. Many will come in gangs for there is safety in numbers. You will need to bring your neighborhood together if you are to survive. Good idea to start now. As for starving no worry you wont last long enough unless you come together.

  3. I think the author’s estimate of ten million starvation victims is incredibly low, because it seems to me that mass starvation is one of their main weapons.

    Look at world-wide food production, and how it’s being attacked from all sides. and the endless assaults on anyone who dares grow their own food.

    Food (or the lack thereof) is what they’re relying on for total control.

  4. IMHO if you don’t live in a rural/remote food growing region, even dry areas like far west Texas or rural Arizona where water is more scarce, if you don’t have a bug out place in the middle of nowhere your chances of survival (gangs, race war, martial law, what have you) are somewhere between slim and none. We should be fine out here in the mts. Our son recently married into a family that owns a ranch…he should also be fine.

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