So Just How Much More Israeli Imposed Poverty Can Americans Take?

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The Banker Occupied Government in Washington has been imposing poverty on Americans by transferring wealth from the workers, farmers and small businessmen to the elite in New York and the City of London for more than 100 years. I have spoken many times of how the bankers steal our money. They create our money out of nothing and charge us interest for using their money. They also are allowed to steal billions of dollars every week from federal spending which we peasants are not allowed to audit. Donald Rumsfeld announced on 9-10-2001 that he could not trace 2.3 trillion dollars in Defense Department spending. This has become one of the top ten non-stories of the past 12 years because we have a Jewish press.  

We have a cycle of Booms and Busts which as I explained in my last article is due to the fractional reserve banking system. During the last Depression more than 3 million Americans died from starvation.

Since the 1950s America has been subjected to another and meaner type of impoverishment. It also is deliberate. There has been a goal to establish a New World Order which some have called a Jewish World Order. George H. W. Bush announced his call for a NWO on 9-11-1990 before a joint session of Congress  exactly 11 years to the day before Israel took down the World Trade Center Towers on 9-11-2001 using controlled demolitions.

To establish this JWO America must be subjugated. I have said many times before that the Jews gave North Korea to Joe Stalin because they wanted to set up the Korean war. The purpose of that war was to kill the anti-Communists. We all knew that Communism was Jewish. Therefore anyone who was anti-Communist was really anti-Semitic and deserved to die. One of the reasons for the Vietnam war was to make money for the Jewish controlled international drug trade. In the previous century His Majesty’s Jewish Government fought two Opium wars against China. The Jews made as much money selling Opium as they did from the African slave trade.

I have said before that Vietnam was America’s first Opium war and that Afghanistan was its second. The illegal drug trade takes in a trillion dollars a year. This money plus the wealth stolen from Africa funds the acquisition of real assets which forms the basis of Jewish power. That is why the Banker Occupied Government in Washington wants to keep troops in Afghanistan beyond 2014. That 100,000 Gentiles die from heroin overdoses every year is of no concern to the Jew. Why should they care that the average age of a first time heroin user in America is 14 years-old?

The militarization of the US made the Jewish Occupation forces wealthy. The Jews own the companies that make America’s bullets. But occupying real estate all over the world to benefit Wall Street and the City of London harms American citizens. Money spent overseas comes back to buy American companies and real estate. The Cold War and the War on Terror have lowered the purchasing power of the US dollar and given control of American businesses to foreigners many of whom are Jewish.

When I was still in grade school, I could see the rise of the National Security State. Why? Because I knew our wealth was being stolen by the Jews and that they would not want us to be able to ask for its return when we went to collect our pensions.

With NAFTA (North American Free Trade Act) the impoverishment of Americans was accelerated. Since 2000 over 56,000 American manufacturing plants have been shipped overseas. And we are still closing 23 plants a day. In the final years of the Clinton administration an artificial economy was created to replace the one that made things rather than money. The Federal Reserve created enough money to fund a Housing Bubble and a Stock market Bubble. They also increased liquidity by creating Credit Default Swaps and dramatically increasing futures and derivatives. The total amount of derivatives is in excess of 700 trillion dollars if you use conservative accounting standards. Otherwise over a quadrillion dollars. The Shadow Banking System has at least 15 times as much money as does the US M2 Money Supply. How is that possible? It is all Jewish smoke and mirrors. The bankers and the brokers have created many more claims to wealth than there are tangible assets to be claimed. That means there is a terrible Weimar Republic like Hyperinflation in our future.

Wall Street has created other Bubbles. One is education for jobs that do not exist. I once calculated that the average American college graduate has $25,000 in student debt and owes $3,400 to credit card companies. Their average take home pay is $12.27 an hour but many do not make full time wages.

Millions of Americans are in homes they  can no longer afford. The average US worker in the private sector today makes less per week than a young high school student working at the minimum wage in the summer of 1968 if you adjust for inflation. Americans have a greater percentage of citizens doing low wage work than any other industrialized nation. Elizabeth Warren was shocked when she learned that a family with one working adult in 1970 had a higher standard of living than a two parent family does today. American families that had been middle class are resorting to using credit to make ends meet. Total consumer credit has risen 22% in the past 3 years.

47% of all students in the US come from families at or below the poverty line. 1.2 million students from kindergarten to 12th grade are homeless. 58,185 college students reported on their college applications last year that they were homeless.

We are told there are 315 million people living in America. About 30 million are here illegally which leaves a total of 285 million citizens. I would break that down to 20 million of Jewish descent and 265 million Gentiles.

So what blows will we absorb when Obamacare goes into effect and amnesty is granted to 30 million illegal aliens? Insurance costs will more than double for citizens. A few people did get through that Obamacare website only to discover that their premiums were even higher than originally quoted. Remember also that the illegal aliens will get healthcare subsidies. This will encourage many employers to either fire citizens and hire recently legalized illegals or seriously consider going out of business.

It is not just the premiums that are doubling. Deductibles are too. Even if Obamacare is delayed, that will only delay the Day of Reckoning. Suppose your deductible is $1,500 and you premium has only gone up 90%. You will be fortunate compared to many. But suppose someone in your family has an accident and you have to pay that first $1,500 in health care costs out of pocket. Just exactly how will you do that? Charge it on a credit card and pay 29% or more interest?

Suppose you subtract out the 21,925,000 people who work for the federal, state and local governments from the number of Americans with full time jobs. What do you have left in terms of income generating full time work capable of paying for Obamacare premiums and deductibles? Not much. And that is by design. Please note that the illegal aliens are here to drive down wages, to suck up benefits and to bankrupt governments at all levels. This will intentionally impoverish what had been a once proud American work force.

Interest rates are rising. We have 225 trillion dollars in interest rate swaps which are betting that rates will not go up any further. Saudi Arabia which is ruled by a dynasty of Jewish descent has seen the handwriting on the wall. They are seeking protection from Russia and China because the dollar and America are going down.  And the Russo-Chinese alliance can protect the Saudi royal family from Iran.

The US stock market will likely decline at least 15% for technical reasons. Rising interest rates will force the stock and bond markets lower. The dollar is continuing to decline in value. When Obamacare goes into effect and 30 million illegal aliens get amnesty, state and local governments will go bankrupt. Violent crime has gone up 15% in America because illegal aliens who also have lost jobs have to finance their stay in the country in anticipation of Amnesty. And the local cops are all out gouging the citizens with $500 tickets because city and county revenues are down.

At some point, foreigners will have to dump their dollars en masse and not just in trickles as they have been doing to date. This will cut American wages in half overnight. America will be destroyed by nationwide Food Riots and Race Riots. This is all part of the Jewish plan for a NWO. But it need not be.

In closing I would like to offer new definitions of the term Israel, Jew and Judaism. I categorically reject the notion that Judaism is a religion. It does not make anyone a better person. It teaches that Jews have the right to betray, to murder, to rape and to rob Gentiles. I cite the Talmud as my authority for that statement.

Christians rightly see Christianity as the body of believers and not as physical buildings. I define Israel as those men and women of Jewish descent who accept the twisted belief that their lives are of more importance than those of Gentiles. How many times have you encountered an obnoxious Jew talking about a Holohoax that never happened while dismissing the 60 million Russians the Jews killed as not being important?

If we survive, there will be no Jewish World Order. If Jews survive the coming world conflagration, they should all be granted citizenship in the state of Israel no matter where they live. Of course the Zionist sate of Israel should be returned to the Palestinians. The Jews should no longer be allowed to participate in the political affairs of any nation. They are not capable of caring what their leadership does to others. If they were seriously opposed to Israel’s war crimes, they would tell the Gentiles the truth about the Holohoax. They would also tell us that Israel did 911. And that the War on Terror is a hoax. It is just Banker Occupied Governments selling their souls to the Jews and killing the Gentile neighbors of Israel.

We might not even have elections in 2016 but I do not want citizens of Israel voting in them.


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  1. The idiots will take all the crap Israel can dish out because the brainless morons do nothing but stare into the Jew TV for their daily dose of Zionist brainwashing.

    Wake up from your TV-induced trance and shake off the myth of Jewish persecution. All these Zionist bastards have ever done is persecute everyone else on the planet, and cry about how everyone is an anti-Semite if they’re not thrilled about it.

    I don’t know if the Jews need to be kicked out of this country before or after the Mexicans, but they definitely have to go.

    1. Want to wake people up? Stop calling them “Jews” and call them what they really are: Khazars! Who, btw, are JAPHETHIC, not Semitic. These are those about whom Christ said are (Revelation 2:9 and 3:9) “those who say theyare Jews but are not, but of the Synagogue of Satan”

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