Sofia Smallstorm Unraveling Sandy Hook

Above is Sofia Smallstorm’s presentation . I was fortunate enough to physically attend this presentation, which was made into this excellent YouTube video. Please take the time to watch this all.

Published on Nov 5, 2013 by IonUCanada

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  2. Unraveling Sandy Hook starts with the schoolbus driving to Sandy Hook and you as viewer next to the busdriver on the front-row seat, the radio was on, but Smallstorm added some classical music from the movie Soilent Green, which people hear who end their lives. That addition by Smallstorm was giving me a physical sick stomach feeling which nailed it.

    My perception of Sandy Hook : natural parents and their children have the most bonded relationship, which can never be faked. The first day the mother was looking very worried , where is my kid? The next day they all were smiling, but had to put on their sadness cover, when the media camera’s were rolling. The Sandy Hook shooting was a governmental psy-op campaign, to change legislation relating to handguns.

  3. Actually the music at the beginning was The Waltz of The Flowers from the Nutcracker since the fake shootings occurred Dec 14th. It is a very famous classical piece.

  4. I’m a teacher in Bernalillo New Mexico up the road is the district of Rio Rancho public schools my seven-year-old granddaughter went to school with Emily Parker in the last school year before she left to Connecticut. The entire school had a ceremony for Emily and when I was watching your documentary you stated that the Parkers came from Omaha they actually were here in New Mexico in Rio Rancho, Emily attended at Maggie Cordova elementary school with my granddaughter.

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