South Carolina Expects to Pass Model Legislation to Gut Obamacare – FreedomWorks Asks Other States to Follow

nullify-obamacareFreedom Outpost – by Joshua Cook

Republican lawmakers led a rally to gain support for a bill that would essentially kill Obamacare. State senator Tom Davis (R – District 46) believes that not only will the bill pass, it will become model legislation for other states to eliminate Obamacare.

Matt Kibbe, President of FreedomWorks, said, “I’m honored to be at the South Carolina state house where the front lines in the fight against Obamacare is happening right now. We can nullify Obamacare, we can defund it, we can stop it, but it has to happen from the bottom up. It has to be done in states like South Carolina that is leading the fight. Already 36 states have refused to implement Obamacare exchanges. 21 states have refused to accept the Medicaid money. I’m asking other states to take on this fight after South Carolina succeeds to stop Obamacare in its tracks.”  

As previously reported, Judge Andrew Napolitano said South Carolina has the Constitutional right to pass a bill that would essentially gut or eliminate Obamacare. The bill, entitled “South Carolina Freedom of Health Care Protection Act,” was voted on and passed by a 65-34 vote in the state House of Representatives last April. Now, it moves on to the Republican-controlled state Senate that will be fast-tracked and could quickly be signed into law by South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

Davis will be introducing stronger language to the House version of the bill. The bill rejects the federal grants, imposes a thousand dollar penalty for any violation of the act, and applies anti-commandeering to all of Obamacare. See document below.

Davis told hundreds of activists at the state house, “States aren’t subdivisions to help the federal government carry out the law.”

“We take hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government and forfeit our liberties. That money the federal government gives us comes with strings attached. And those strings go from Columbia to Washington DC so they can play us like puppets,” said Davis.

“What this bill does is say: “sorry we don’t want your grants, we don’t want your money, we don’t want your bribes. We are going to turn it away and recover our sovereignty and our liberty,” he added.

Democrats are not happy with the Republican’s bill, though. Democrats held a separate rally to gain support to stop the anti-Obamacare bill.

Neil Jones, a pro-Obamacare activist, told Joshua Cook, “Single payer system would be the most efficient way to do it. Obamacare has its flaws, but it’s the best we can do given the political realities.”

Cook asked, “Some say that Obamacare is just a way for insurance companies to use the government to force people to buy insurance to increase corporate profits. Do you agree with that?”

“I would agree with that,” said Jones, “that’s why I’m in favor of universal healthcare. Single payer.”

Democrats believe that Medicaid expansion will help the poor and stimulate economic growth.  Republican senators like Davis disagrees, though. Davis said that expanding Medicaid rolls to 1.6 million will eventually bankrupt the state.

“Sooner or later that federal faucet is going to turn off and the money is going to dry up and you’re going to pay that bill,” said Davis.

Senate — H 3101 — Revised Anti-commandeering Language (2)


3 thoughts on “South Carolina Expects to Pass Model Legislation to Gut Obamacare – FreedomWorks Asks Other States to Follow

  1. “We take hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government and forfeit our liberties.” Where does the fed gov get their (not really theirs) money from? Mostly taxpayers, not corporations. The fed gov earns absolutely zero money; they steal it when it should all belong to that state
    taken from. If you don’t have any so-called minorities in your school, you
    get NO grants. That is blackmail. I’ve seen this first hand in the Appalachians, some of the poorest people in the nation.

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