“Southwest Stop!”: Near Runway Disaster At Washington-Reagan Recorded On Shocking Audio

By TYLER DURDEN – Zerohedge

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is caught in one of the worst aviation crises in American history, as Boeing jets fall apart in mid-air and while on the runway. The latest near-disaster happened when a JetBlue flight nearly collided with a Southwest Airlines flight at Washington, DC’s Reagan National Airport on Thursday morning.

For any Zero Hedge readers who are aviators, you already know that as a pilot in command in airspace controlled by a tower, you’re putting complete trust in air traffic controllers to guide you on the most effective path possible without hitting other planes.

But that was almost not the case on Thursday morning when air traffic control instructed Southwest Airlines Flight 2937 to cross runway four at the airport while JetBlue Flight 1554 took off.

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