2 thoughts on “SPECIAL SATURDAY MarketReport. By Gregory Mannarino

  1. Being the admitted, from his own mouth, Mason 32nd degree I now know why he says we must all be afraid, very afraid, and that we need a revolution, but the people will never do it, I watch him extremely carefully. Another thing, he is doing what the W.Street banks are doing but on a much smaller scale. He says your money is going to people like me, me. Video of Greg declaring he is a mason.
    Start @ 40:50 and hear. There is no context you’ll miss as this statement came out of the blue.

  2. 32nd degree Mason, eh? No wonder I never trusted you, Greggie ol’ boy…and BTW, you almost look like a vampire in that video! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! So some of your predictions have come out true…well, I’ve made predictions as well that have come out true (some of these are in my novels, see ads at side) and I am no Mason! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahah! My conclusion: you made your predictions to enrich yourself and your psychopathic elite fellows…I’d make my own prediction about how God will deal with you when that time come, Greggie, but I’ll let God handle that one!

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