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Vigilant Citizen – by Richard McKenzie/locust

It’s almost time for the Super Bowl, the championship game of American football. This seems like a good time to share some of my thoughts with you regarding the current nature of sports. My hypothesis is that sports and especially televised sports are being used to program people for the benefit of those whom I have labeled the PRICs (psychopaths really in charge). Others call them the Illuminati.

This website concentrates on symbolism used in mass media, so I thought it necessary to provide some insight into the use of sports to promote the agenda of the Illuminati and others who oppress us and rule our world through symbolism and the twisting of reality, often without our even knowing or noticing.  

If you recall. last year’s Super Bowl was interrupted by a power outage that caused half of the stadium’s lights to go out. The game was suspended for several minutes. The half-lit stadium reminded me of pictures of the Nuremberg stadium during Nazi times, when they created a cathedral of light in the midst of darkness. The players at the Super Bowl milled around aimlessly until the lights came back on. I was watching my TV and I could clearly see the field and everyone on it, so why the game could not be continued in the half-light seemed a bit odd. They play in driving rain, they play during snow, but for some unexplained reason they could not continue when only half the lights were on.

If you don’t remember the game, at the point of darkness one team was way ahead of the other and the game seemed to be turning into a blow-out, one of those games where people start leaving the stadium or turning off their TVs long before the game was over. Curiously, after the light returned, the losing team rallied and almost won – the game was in doubt until almost the end of the fourth quarter. How odd. It was almost as if the delay was meant to slow down the momentum of the winning team.

Afterwards, someone was quoted as saying how fortunate that power outage was – it gave lots of time for more commercials to be shown, commercials which would not have been seen otherwise by many, many people. Keep in mind that commercial time near the end of a game is very expensive and very important for those who produce and pay for it. This strange power outage made a lot of money for the people televising the game and allowed many commercials to be seen by more people than otherwise (readers of VC will understand that many commercials have hidden agendas beyond the obvious one of selling products – the agendas of selling ideologies, and providing new symbolism for the masses to digest and accept). Without this outage and this deliberate delay, this symbolism would have missed their targets.

That leads me to this – have you noticed how in more and more sports, the decision-making about the nature of truth is being taken out of the hands of the people involved in the games and given to people who are unseen by us and unknown to us?

People make mistakes, even refs and umpires. Erring is human, mistakes are (at least, used to be) a part of the game. Nowadays though, the emphasis is on ‘getting it right’, and so there is a proliferation of instant replays, and challenges to calls, which are adjudicated by the ‘guys upstairs’ who then pronounce what is the truth, whether the ball was fair or foul, the player in or out of bounds, the ball over the line and a score…or not.

Truth increasingly lies with these invisible people instead of with the people on the field. Truth increasingly lies with reviewing video of events instead of seeing the actual events. Such after-the-fact truth can be easily manipulated – all it takes is high-tech equipment and that exists in abundance. It would not be difficult to edit in real-time a player’s foot so that it looks like he stepped out of bounds when he didn’t, it would be simple to change the flight of a baseball from fair to foul. People who saw the reality and then the non-reality would instinctively accept the new non-reality which would be shown over and over until imprinted in everybody’s minds. People would accept the new reality over the old in order to avoid cognitive dissonance, the confusion caused in one’s brain when it must try to accept 2 conflicting thoughts.

My friend just reminded me that video is clearly manipulated real-time. During football games, they insert colored lines to indicate the line of scrimmage and first down marks, for instance. The video film itself need not be manipulated, in fact. This can be done through manipulating the software.

This movement toward allowing the truth to be determined by unseen people and by controlled video is deliberate. I have already mentioned how the last Super Bowl game seemed to be manipulated for the purpose of providing more opportunity for money-making through commercials.

This programming of people to accept whatever truth is shown after-the-fact and judged by invisible people is deliberate and it supports the agenda of those who want to manipulate us through concocted imagery of political or world events. Many 9/11 videos were presented to us as amateur recordings (and therefore to be accepted automatically as a truthful representation of the events), yet as far as I know, all videos were in the possession of government agencies at some point before being presented to us. Because we are being programmed to accept videos as real, because we are being programmed to accept as truth the words of those ‘above us’, we are inclined to accept what we are given as the truth.

Lastly, I want to mention a symbol which I just saw over the weekend.

Class is Permanent : Arsenal

“Class is permanent” are the words, set below the A and C (Arsenal is a major club in London). The letters are formed to produce a triangle with what almost looks like an eye in the middle. Curiouser and curiouser. Now, think about the words “Class is permanent”. Does this mean that the upper class will always be above us, and we should have no thoughts of changing that system?

By the way, British, European and even World soccer associations are hotly debating the use of instant replay cameras, in order to ‘get it right’ about whether or not a ball goes over the line and is or is not a goal. Isn’t that thoughtful of them?

Oh, and one last thing – the San Diego Chargers football team has a pair of lightning bolts on their helmets. The Nazi SS used lightning bolts, as well. I mention this because I just saw a news article about a French military unit in Africa which uses the double lightning bolts – and that further reminds me that some American soldiers were photographed in front of a big flag with…double lightning bolts.

Symbolism abounds in sports as well in mass media such as movies and magazines and music. Manipulation of truth and reality in sports is being used to program people to accept what the ‘experts’ and the ‘judges’ decree – even when these deciders are invisible to us, even when the images that they present to us could easily be manipulated images – who would know, how could we tell?

Yours truly,
locust – literally one computer user stubbornly typing

8 thoughts on “Sports Programming, People Programming

  1. What would I rather do today?

    A. Sit mindlessly for several hours watching a bunch of millionaires play a game that doesn’t do anything to help anyone and gives the corporations a boost in their ratings so they can continue to sell over priced ad time to companies that sell things that are made in china to stupid sheep.
    B. Absolutely anything else.

    Answer in my house: B.

    1. LOL, I think sometimes that these people that watch sports like football and basket ball just like to see them guys pat each other on the butt all the time. Makes me wonder what they do in the shower room when they are always pattin` each other on the butt and doing those chest bumps all the time on the football feild and on the basket ball court. 🙄 😆 LMAO I don`t get it either Bulldog

      1. We quit watching football after the saints won the stuper bowl. The next day my dumbass was in line at academy an hour before they opened to buy stupid saints crap to show off how great it was that “MY” team won.
        I realized what I was doing and we have not watched a game since. We are much happier doing things on Sunday that we want to do instead of feeling obligated to watch “The Game” for 3-4 hours.

  2. The Chargers did me a favor (inadvertently) by hiring that loser Norv Turner years ago, and then subsequently renewing his contract. He took a super bowl quality team and ran it straight into the ground. Football was the only sport I ever really liked to watch, and that cured me.

    Besides, I’ve been seeing reports that ALL sports are fixed anyway, so what’s the point?

    Good riddance!

  3. Yeah, what was all that “who dat” crap when the saints won?
    I guess it’s true about the NFL. The N doesn’t stand for National anymore.
    I like getting outside on Sunday afternoons because most of the idiots are inside watching that crap.

  4. I do not watch NFL football on tv anymore either (just the Texas A & M Aggies) and for one thing it is rigged plus the team I have rooted for, for over 40 years, is seemingly doing everything in its power to continue to suck. Finally, Johnny Manziel is leaving the Aggies (he is so much fun to watch) and the NFL will probably screw him over. As for Illuminati symbolism, it’s in all sports, and a lot of other stuff as well

    1. I was a hardcore Charger fan since the Dan (the Man) Fouts days.

      Had they fired A.J. Smith instead of Shottenheimer, the Chargers WOULD have gone to the Super Bowl within the next two years.

      Would have won it, too. They were the best team in the league, hands down.

  5. ROME had coliseums too.Take a good look at what it did for them and apply that same thing to what you see going on right before your eye’s! I can fully understand not wanting to see what is really going on but that will never change the fact that it is going on! And some still hold on to the belief that they have a say in any of it.

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