11 thoughts on “Squirrel Launcher

    1. I like animals too Cathleen. It is a good prototype for building one for those belly crawlin` cops though. Wouldn`t it be great to see a cop that is sneekin` around your back yard or window peepin` and then all of a sudden get air born for about 50+ feet. Now that would be great I think 😯 hahaha 😆

    2. Cathleen, you are a girl after my own heart! I fed the
      squirrels in my neighborhood shelled peanuts and water
      for several years. My husband and I enjoyed sitting
      in our dining room and watching them through the
      sliding glass doors.

      Folks might think I am “nuts” myself, because if we went
      on a trip for more than 2 days I would have my
      neighbor come over to our place to put the nuts and
      water out for them.

      Unfortunately, they started getting in another neighbor’s
      eaves and she very nicely came over and told us about it.
      We felt very badly and stopped the feeding.

      A year has gone by and every now and then one will
      stroll up on our patio and look around. They have
      a good memory!!!

      But I do understand that to some of you they can
      be pests. And I am saving money now that I am not
      buying the nuts.

  1. A 4-way triple braided strand of five eighths surgical tubing with a cop motorcycle saddle ought to do the trick as long as the saddle was made in China…… Happy New Year & continue to fight for Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth

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