Starbucks Promises 10,000 Dead-End Minimum-Wage Jobs for Military Veterans in “Job Matching” Program

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Starbucks is promising to discriminate against pacifists and offer 10,000 servicemen and their spouses jobs at the coffee giant upon the end of their military careers. This “job matching” program seems altruistic on the surface, but is in fact a backhanded compliment which is essentially stipulating that soldiers have few practical skills to offer in their civilian lives.

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6 thoughts on “Starbucks Promises 10,000 Dead-End Minimum-Wage Jobs for Military Veterans in “Job Matching” Program

  1. “Starbucks says it will develop a system dedicated to matching the skills of veterans and spouses with available jobs”

    Really? What skills would those be?

    How to become a good Communist?
    How to keep your firearms at home while working?
    How to make Starbucks coffee for new recruits on the base?
    How to greet customers by saying, “INCOMING!” when they enter?

    What a joke.

    1. They are better then no job,tis a job,not a jail sentence,when something better work wise comes you move on,this economy sucks and is getting worse though still better then some countries.2

  2. My Fellow Patriots:

    Yeah,.. thats what veterans want that have been all over the world, trained and used the most lethal weapons systems in human history, made life and death decisions day in and day out,… is to come home,.. and work for Starbucks Commie Coffee,…

    As Sunfire & NC correctly predicted right above:


    JD – US Marines – This is how the commies piss on the face of veterans,.. “yeah,.. we’ll give you a low-wage, dead end job, kissing the ass of your commie betters!”,…. yeah Starbucks,… go fuk yourself.

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