State police say Eric Frein is living on tuna and ramen

No warning signs in ordinary life of trooper slaying suspectThe Morning Call

Surviving primarily on cans of tuna fish and ramen noodles, suspected police shooter Eric Frein is believed to remain in a swath of rugged woodland near his parents’ Monroe County home, state police said Friday.

Nearly three weeks after Frein is alleged to have fatally shot state police Cpl. Bryon Dickson II and seriously wounded Trooper Alex Douglass in an ambush outside their barracks, investigators continue to find items that make them believe Frein is hiding in the woods.  

Addressing reporters gathered Friday at the Blooming Grove Township building near the site of the shooting, Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens said searchers had located a campsite believed to belong to Frein.

He also said police have located about 90 rounds of .308 caliber ammunition, which could be used in the rifle Frein allegedly used to shoot Dickson and Douglass.

With cooler, rainy weather forecast and leaves starting to fall, Frein will have a harder time hiding from searchers and police will be able to use technology, such as thermal imaging equipment more effectively, Bivens said.

Still, Bivens said, the rugged, densely wooded terrain presents a formidable challenge for more than 1,000 state police and federal agents involved in the search.

“You could literally walk right past someone in this terrain and not see them unless you step on them,” he said.

With summer’s warmth giving way to an autumn chill, however, Frein is likely to seek shelter and food, and police are continuing their tactic of checking hunting cabins and vacation homes that might attract Frein.

No warning signs in ordinary life of trooper slaying suspect
No warning signs in ordinary life of trooper slaying suspect
Matt Assad and Peter Hall,
Bivens refused to comment on a report by The Times-Tribune of Scranton that soiled diapers recovered in woods during the manhunt for accused cop killer Eric Frein may not be his

Several discovered diapers containing fecal matter would only fit an infant and can be ruled out as not belonging to Mr. Frein, said the source, who asked to remain anonymous.

However, extracting DNA from the found soiled adult diapers are difficult because they have been outdoors for so long, the source said. Therefore, there is no conclusive evidence that the diapers belong to Mr. Frein, the source told the newspaper.

Joseph Kohut of The (Scranton) Times-Tribune contributed to this report.

9 thoughts on “State police say Eric Frein is living on tuna and ramen

  1. lol
    ronald mcdonald looked like less of a clown.

    next they will say he was storing nuts and acorns in the woods.
    i assume searching that 4million room hotel was too much for the budget given they dont mention it any more!

  2. I can get used diapers for free, I wash them with much bleach and they make great rags/bandages and etc….They are very thick, and last forever. And they are small.
    I think diapers are a great survival item. I have two of them in my bug out bag.
    Why would anyone need to wear diapers out in the woods?
    ALtho, I forgot they were mentioned as adult diapers, so maybe they are like pampers or something?

    1. They are talking about disposable diapers (like Depends & Pampers), not cloth. Agreed. Cloth diapers are Very versatile and useful.

  3. Tuna, maybe, but Ramen?

    Doubt it. IF he even exists, and IF he knows anything about survival, he won’t be eating that toxic cr@p.

  4. Surviving in the woods for 20 days on 10cans of tuna and 40 ramen noodles=$41.12

    Knowing that you are a figment of the MSMs imagination=free

    monkey wrenching your Nation back to what it was founded as===PRICELESS

    So this guys got bombs, guns, tuna cans, ramen, diapers,,, (list is growing)
    Well he hasnt left any porn behind so he must be a pervert?(hording)

  5. Hey Henry…this article gave me an idea. What food would you take if you were this most likely imaginary guy? I cant think much right now, but beef jerky, a sandwich bag with a good multi vitamin…A small bottle of collodial silver..A bag full of potatos ( I hear you can live off one potato a day), etc etc..I would love to hear others ideas that are most likely better than mine. Oh, and dont forget a few diapers 🙂
    And lol bitter 🙂

  6. First ad on the banner at FTT this morning was for depends adult diapers. Maybe they really ARE something that we survivalist/prepper anti-gov folks can’t live without when shtf?! (sarc) This truly is as boring as making a reality show of my life and then making me watch it

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