Stevie Wonder Uses Concert Stops to Campaign for More Gun Control

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins

Stevie Wonder just wrapped up a series of three short concerts in Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington DC, all of which he used as an opportunity to talk about his desire for more gun control in America.

All three concerts took place on August 17.  

AP Photo/Matt RourkeFor example, the Philly Voice reports that he gave a short concert in Dilworth Park then told attendees that we need greater accountability for privately-owned guns in this country. He said, “I just feel we have to find a way where everyone is accountable for whatever gun they have.”

In New York City, PageSix reported that Wonder performed in Central Park then talked about “fixing the planet” and about gun violence and gun control. He reiterated the theme of being accountable “for every gun” and suggested that audience members needed to support more gun control even if they were members of gun rights groups.

Wonder said: “We have gotta find a place, we as Americans of all ethnicities, we’ve got to put an end to it . . . What we have to do, whether you’re NRA or whatever, is find a place of everyone being accountable for every gun we have here.”

In DC, Wonder continued with the same themes. The Washington Times reported that he stressed the need for “love” and more gun control to end “gun violence.”

Breitbart News previously reported that Stevie Wonder used a November 22 concert in Atlanta to broach the topics of guns and gun control and suggested “someone in government” needed to do something to get gun control passed.

The Atlanta Blackstar quoted Wonder:

You’re able to fix the problem. If we are able to send rockets to the moon I would hope that we would have someone in the government to hold people accountable for the guns they have. I hope someone with a spirit who wants to see more people living than dying will do this because the only people making money are the gun factories and the mortuaries. I don’t care if you agree with me. I love you anyway.

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8 thoughts on “Stevie Wonder Uses Concert Stops to Campaign for More Gun Control

  1. Before you open your yap about guns mr wonder
    You should get rid of your security group and come walk the streets with the rest of us

    Being blind is no excuse for ignorance

  2. This is rich…

    You know those gun control lunatics are on the defense when they pull out a blind diversity diversion to plug for gun control..

    Americans will never give up their guns..period

    This a fact that Stevie will never see, because it pays too much to be a blind puppet on a string when you worship money, and you career is over..

  3. I believe this irrelevant, talentless, tone-deaf, “I only have career because people pity me because I am blind, black, tone-deaf and now evidently, mentally challenged” said mortuaries and gun factories are making money.

    It’s so cute when some people try to act like they live in our world. By his logic, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and automobiles should be his #1 target.

    Never mind. He believes in rockets going to the moon.

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