Stuck Bear Head-In-A-Jar

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Recently in Jamison City, PA, a young bear was rescued with his head stuck in a jar.  Four central Pennsylvania residents said they used only a rope and a flashlight during a wild chase to rescue a young bear whose head had been stuck in a plastic jar for at least 11 days.

The frightened but powerful bruin fell into a swimming pool at least twice during the ordeal.  But the group eventually yanked off the jar and set the animal free.  

“I thought, ‘No one is going to believe us,'” said Morgan Laskowski, 22, the bartender at the Jamison City Hotel and a member of the impromptu bear-wrangling team.

Area residents first spotted the 100-pound bruin with its head in a red jar on June 3, but it eluded game wardens.  The animal was attracted to the container because it appeared to have once contained cooking oil.

One thought on “Stuck Bear Head-In-A-Jar

  1. Im surprised the feds haven’t filed charges against the rescuers for interfering with their (failed) “ongoing” federal operation.

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