Students Suspended, Expelled For Playing ‘Jews Vs. Nazis’ Beer Pong Off Campus

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WEB Notes: Free speech? Personal liberty? Not in America in the year 2017. Maybe it is not your game of choice, but these guys were off-campus on their own time. No one has a right to expel them because of this. When people start telling you what is right and wrong you should not only question it, you shout it down. We already have the Bible and something called the Constitution. Continually we see it whittled down and told it is racist. Stop being politically correct. If someone has a bunch of you know what coming out of their mouth, shut them down. Call it for what it is. Calling something racist is done in order to silence you or some group of people. No one wants to be called a racist so those being called racist will tend to stand down. Do not do that, you present the facts. Facts are facts.

Students from an Atlanta private school are facing disciplinary action after a photo posted online shows them playing a game of “Jews vs. Nazis” beer pong at an off-campus house party.

Channel 2 Action News confirmed the photo shows students of the Lovett School playing the game earlier this month.

The picture clearly shows cups filled with beer in the shape of a Jewish star on one side of the table and a Nazi swastika on the other.

Source: Students suspended, expelled for playing ‘Jews vs. Nazis’ beer pong off campus | WSB-TV

World Events and the Bible

3 thoughts on “Students Suspended, Expelled For Playing ‘Jews Vs. Nazis’ Beer Pong Off Campus

  1. RE: Web Notes:

    Same thing for pointing out the facts and truth of 9/11; Everyone is afraid of being called a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

    I remember a large press gather hitting Tony Blair with questions, and one reported asked him about the emails between him and George Bush PROVING THE WARS WERE FABRICATED.

    Tony said; “Oh, so you’re a conspiracy theorist?”

    And the whole room went silent and he used his Get Out Of Jail free card – and walked away.


  2. Well, what do you expect regarding idiots who take selfies or whatever of them doing completely harmless stuff for fun and then post these pix online? The notion of being suspended for off-campus stuff is ridiculous enough, but the only way this nonsense ends without serious crisis is for folks with smart phones to stop taking these selfies or whatever and then posting them online! Another problem with this country–too damned selfie! (I know, I know..I’m too damned “old school”!)

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