Stuff Happens and so do Leaks

Charles Carroll Society – by The Bard of the American Redoubt

What good can be taken away from Benghazi Libya attack, Gosnell and IRS targeting the President’s enemies? There are Patriots everywhere. These Patriots, silent existing in government offices are the only reason we know any of this.

High ranking military people were pissed that for the first time in my memory the military was ordered to leave men behind. And we did. Shame. On. Us. It does not matter if the ambassador was a sodomite and was gang-raped before he was killed, murdered and then gang-raped again. You do not murder Americans without losing your life.  

On the IRS hunting down Patriot groups to protect this President for re-election. The only way this was known because a “report” was coming out. People talked, people were pissed. The White House needed to get ahead of this, so they tried. Remember not a single person lost his or her job. Also remember because of Obama Care, the IRS will now have complete access to your health records. Amazing.

Gosnell, the witch-doctor was finally found guilty. Great. If you pull live babies out of their mothers and cut their spinal column someone in this nation says “…well that is not good.” Really? The freakin’ witch doctor kept a jar of baby feet on his desk. And people don’t like it when I call these people demon worshipers?

In each case though, people talked, people said “…this is wrong…” Remember that. The silent Patriots buried deep in the machine could be the most important people in the future. Thank the Lord they are there.

5 thoughts on “Stuff Happens and so do Leaks

  1. Maybe it should start occurring to Americans that we don’t murder others without increasing vicious blowback.

  2. President Lyndon Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara let 294 American sailors twist in the wind for hours as the Israelis tried to sink their ship, the USS Liberty. Air support was minutes away. On that day in 1967 the Israelis killed 34 Americans and wounded 173.

  3. This IRS leak was a “prepared leak” designed to take the focus off of the press conference that exposed the Obama Admin’s complicity in the murder of over 20 Navy Seals in August of 2011 (in Afghanistan, 30 died all together). Watch the video of this press conference on youtube (Extortion 17). It’s three hours long, which may explain why more people don’t know about this.
    I ask you this: “When has the IRS given a flying f***k about ANYTHING”? So for them to expose this information is just a bunch of hogwash designed to keep you off-focus. Benghazi and Extortion 17 are definitely enough to impeach our President for murder, as well as a ton of other things.

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