11 thoughts on “Super Bowl’s VIP deals

  1. Anyone that has that kind of money $4,000. – $6,000. for one average ticket to watch a game for a couple of hours has too damned much money or has some serious mental prob.s

  2. “Oh totally. I mean we’ve been stressing about this for three years”

    WOW! I wish I had their problems. Stressing about seats for a football game? For THREE years!!!??? Are you F**KING KIDDING ME!!!!??

    And Digs, it’s $40,000 per seat. Doesn’t that piss you off even more? What we spend paying 10 years for a car, they spend in 4 hours.

    These corporate bastards are gonna fry big time along with their fiat money!

    1. Yea I know NC, Yea I thought that 4 – 6 thousand dollars was just for the average seat. Yea, $40,000. just for a seat when there are homeless and peolple freezing and such. that is just selfish and obscene for sure I think anyway. Hey NC- off sub. but I sent that mail again to ya. Hope ya get it. It would be good for a sick laugh, if ya know what I mean – politicians ya know.

        1. Good to know NC. I can see why it was kind of inappropriate here for The trenches though. Glad ya got a laugh. 🙂

  3. I broke a tooth on a back molar last month and have no money or insurance for a dentist. I’m in pain and can’t eat on that side. I figure it would cost $3000 for a root canal, post, and crown, but I can’t afford it. Now these bastaaaards are throwing away $40,000 to watch a football game that will last about 3 hours. While they shovel caviar and Dom Perrion down their rich assss throats. It makes me sick. A revolution is coming and we ain’t takin no prisoners.

    1. Hey Joe, do some clove oil around that tooth for pain. If there is no clove oil, then just use powered cloves around that tooth to help deaden the pain. Those cloves help me every time. They are almost like novacaine 😉

    2. Clove oil a good idea but that only works for so long. Too bad you don’t live within driving distance of Mexico like I do. In Ojinaga, Mexico I had a tooth pulled for $25 in 1990, and a root canal for $100 in 2003. Best bet is get it pulled by a dentist who will do it for a small fee (don’t know where you live though). I DO NOT recommend you pull it yourself or getting a friend to do it, say, with pliers. I have a friend who had pliers used on him and now he regrets it because the top part of the tooth came out but not the root part–and now he needs a root canal (which part became infected weeks ago).

  4. Gooooood I want to punch that jew Tuchman in his schnoz! It is so insulting to live, see and hear how the rest of us struggle to keep a roof over our heads while these SOB’s pine about their inability to score tickets for a f’ing overpriced fixed game played by a pack of baboons owned by a tribe of oxygen-thieving sadistic sociopaths. Meanwhile, the offspring of some strong people toe the line to blow every last penny they have to funnel money into this %$#%$! I hate to say it but some people deserve what they have coming :/ I am from the Philly suburb area and live 1/4 mile from where the Liberty Bell was hidden away from the British during the Revolutionary War as it travelled to keep it safe. Kind of keeps it ever-present if ya know what I mean

  5. So, are all these low-life thieving scumbags going to bolt before whatever false flag they have planned occurs?

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