Syria ‘Used Chinese Intel To Bomb’ U.S. Arms Shipment

syrian-air-forceWND – by AARON KLEIN

TEL AVIV – Intelligence provided by China was utilized by Syria’s air force to bomb a Western weapons shipment on its way to arm the Syrian rebels, according to informed Middle Eastern security officials.

The officials said the air strike was carried out Saturday just as the weapons convoy entered Syrian territory from neighboring Jordan.  

The officials said the arms shipment was coordinated with help from the U.S.

Just last week, the Wall Street Journal reported the Central Intelligence Agency began moving weapons to Jordan from a network of secret warehouses as part of a plan to arm the Syrian rebels within a month after first vetting the fighting groups.

The Journal reported the CIA was bringing light arms and possibly anti-tank missiles to Jordan.

On June 13, the White House announced it would provide direct military assistance to the Syrian rebels. Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes told reporters on a conference call the new assistance to the Syria opposition’s Supreme Military Council, or SMC, would have “direct military purposes.”

“The president has made a decision about providing more support to the opposition,” Rhodes said. “That will involve providing direct support to the SMC. That includes military support. I cannot detail for you all of the types of that support for a variety of reasons.”

The assistance, Rhodes stressed, is “aimed at strengthening the effectiveness of the SMC on the ground.”

Both Jordan and Turkey reportedly have been serving as forward bases for the rebels to enter Syria and for the transfer of weapons to aid the rebels.

16 thoughts on “Syria ‘Used Chinese Intel To Bomb’ U.S. Arms Shipment

  1. Looks like the lines are being drawn up for a major conflict if this is the case, for China to even become involved on the fringe like this is unusual from its usual stance of neutrality in most global affairs and the west should ‘ware the warning here.

    With Putin’s special forces on the ground in Syria scouring the territory for the western contemparies and China upping the ante providing pin point intel like this, this is going to get ugly sometime soon and the hawks are going to sleepwalk the lot of us into an almighty clash that I don’t think we can win conventionally and no one will win a nuclear war, are we in the west going to risk all for what? Someone who refuses to become a puppet? A nation that wishes to remain independent? A nation that doesn’t surrender just because America says so?

    If colonial America had not taken their own bold steps, where would they be now? Probably up there with Australia and Canada as former colonies given independence in the 20th Century but still kowtowing to a Crown hegemony but because Assad refuses to assimilate, to capitulate he must be pummelled into the mud? Land of the free… what a joke.

    1. Angry Grandparent could not be more accurate. Only 1 in 10 Americans support U.S. aid to the Jihadist ‘rebels.’ Only 1 in 10 Syrians support the ‘rebels.’ Yet, the U.S. government plunges ahead putting the wishes of both peoples aside to pursue its own agenda. Ever wonder who is really directing this stage play?

  2. Syria is the last ally of iran….is it any wonder that nato is trying to undermine syria. i am sick of these criminal psychophants such as obummer and hitlery clinton eviscerating our constitutional controls to restrict govt. actions and to a lesser extent, to stop us from being the world’s police force. what a joke……these arsholes in the u.s. govt cant even get our own agenda done right, yet have the audacity to tell the other nations what when and how to operate their own govt actions. this shi-ite make me very angry.

    1. “Syria is the last ally of iran”

      Yeah, after Iraq, Lebanon,Pakistan, North Korea, Russia, China, India, Valenzuela, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, and more….. yep, the last one but those, which is actually the majority of humanity. You have been relying on the Zionist press for way too long.

      Iran has survived three decades of Western economic sanctions, terrorist attacks, assassination, sabotage and manufactured civil disobedience because it is not ‘isolated’ as the media would have you believe. Israel even buys Iranian oil through third party countries.

    2. Iran has trade and diplomatic relations with 186 countries around the world, only USA and some EU countries have cut oil purchase from Iran, well you can call some gulf countries not their best friends but they still have diplomatic and trade relations with them, not exactly allies but neutral, you watch too much western news I guess 🙂 the most important world powers in 5,,10 years will be China and Russia and both are Iran’s best friends, EU and USA are doomed to fail, these are their last breaths m8, they changed and toppled 2 gov’s in less that 6 months combined, 2.5 years on and they still can’t oust Assad, get the point?!!!! they’re losing their grip over the world 🙂

  3. Yet we are allowing Russians help protect Washington D.C. events. Does anyone see a conflict of interest here? Is anyone else confused here? WTF is going on? Why hasn’t anyone said anything about this? Doesn’t this seem shady to anyone?

    1. NC It seems more and more possible that China and Russia are partners with the US in this NWO takeover game.
      There are too many events transpiring that are confusing and down right illogical taking place by supposed “enemies” of the US for me to believe that they are “random” or done in “good-faith” by these nations. Going along to get along?? I dont think so…..I think WE HAVE BEEN HAD!
      The latest on Russia that you mentioned is a good example,..that and supposedly Putin telling SNOW-DEN to quit selling out the USA and then calling us Partners….And how about Barry Sorento telling ex-president Medev (SP?) that after His (Barry’s) election, he would have more flexibility? And Promising Africa what we cant even have here.
      And China, who is supposedly so pissed at us yet they continue to purchase more Treasury Notes and Bonds? And yes they are buying much less but still??
      How about the Facts that India and China have metric tons of gold, and nearly a year ago it was stated they would within weeks bring down the FRN with issuance of a gold backed currency?

      Stalin said to insure the outcome of an event required that you must also control the opposition………Makes a person think hard about groups such as “Anonymous” and others. What about the supposed hot live wire that is N. Korea?…Iran and its supposed “BOMB” production….And how did all that “Arab Spring ” work out? The Egyptians have figured it out already!
      How can J. Ventura,.. AJ,…Rush,..and G Beck be allowed on the air or even given a forum to speak anywhere if even half of what they say is truthful.
      I think we all have been had!…I believe 90% of what we are seeing and hearing has been staged to keep us chasing our tails like little pups .
      Here in the USA we are fed a steady daily diet of one Constitution breaching event after another…from the gun grabbers to the BP Gulf incident, fracking…to the NSA….Over the top LEO crimes against citizens…..ZOMBIE movies. and more just to keep us divided and running circles to the joy and laughter of our handlers.

      Its more dangerous than we can even imagine.

      1. Exactly, Oldvet! It is all way too illogical for it to be random.

        I think Henry should bring it up on his show tomorrow and talk about it or at least remind the listeners of it in case they haven’t had time to notice with all the shit that’s been going on. I think it is an extremely important point to discuss and bring to light. But that’s just me.

      2. The US has refused to attack Syria and Iran, for this the media, led by Bloomberg, is trying to inflict damage to the US by dividing it from Europe.

        Snowdon is a Zio-psyop character. Zionist Israel is on it’s last legs and will try everything to keep itself going, but without more wars that will not happen.

        The US, Russia and China have wised up to how global wars get started and maybe they are not interested, so Israel gets more desperate – which is why they have used tactical nukes twice against Syria hoping for Iranian retaliation – which never came. They have no options but a direct flase-flag attack on the US or Russia, and both are vigilant thanks to Putin and Obama. Israel hates both equally for the same reasons.

  4. Why didn’t they just appropriate the weapons for themselves, since they knew the time and location of the convoy?

    That would make more sense to me.

    1. That’s true. However, the Chinese government, being masters of deception, probably didn’t want to be implicated in the plot if caught. Too late for that, though.

      Besides, the Chinese always get someone else to do their dirty work for them. They never get directly involved unless it is on their own soil. That’s their trademark.

  5. Great news that China is with Russia and Iran helping Syria fight Israel’s Zionist Zombies, the United States and the rest of the NATO pack of bandits.

  6. Hmmm

    Given that israeli companies control the data that US intel agencies see it is clear that once again israel is planting fake evidence to justify attacking yet another country that is standing in the way of israeli control of the entire Middle East….Good grief. People NOTHING that israel provides to the public can be considered legit information. Any intelligence data coming from israeli “sources” is tainted. False flag ops are Mossad stock and trade. Israel has been caught out right lying so many times it is a wonder that anyone listens to them at all. Oh wait they really don’t it is just the zionist controlled US media that keeps parroting their crap.

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