Tag Banned!!!! Kindergarten Playground Now Safe from Children “running in packs”

playing tagThe Daily Sheeple – by Kimberly Paxton

As you know, having children “running in packs” just won’t do, so a school system in Grand Rapids, Michigan is determined to put a stop to such unruly behavior.

“Tag” will no longer be allowed for the young students of the Zeeland Public School system.  

On Wednesday, Oct. 2, New Groningen kindergarten teachers sent home a letter alerting parents to the policy. It described the problem of children “running in packs, pushing, knocking other children over, and making the game dangerous.”

On Thursday, Oct. 3, a follow up letter was sent home with students clarifying the policy after the “no tag” rule created a bit of controversy.

“We want our children to treat each other with respect, kindness, and with safety in mind,” said Ginger Smith, community relations manager for Zeeland Public Schools, on Friday. (source)

So….let’s see.

In the past few months students have had the following experiences at school:

Are you starting to see a pattern here? An agenda?

The public school system is educating the kids all right. They are instilling in them a hive mentality, destroying critical thinking, and “wussifying” them to such a point of extreme sensitivity that they would cringe away from any type of confrontation, particularly one with a dreaded gun. They are purposely brainwashing the kids into thinking that any type of weapon is something to be greatly feared, as opposed to it being a tool that can be responsibly used. They are traumatizing children to instill a meek “follower” mentality.

The Powers That Be are creating their own version of job security. A bunch of young adults who were raised to be terrified of a little kid pointing his finger and yelling “pow pow” – well, they sure aren’t going to be the guys who stage a coup and overthrow a corrupt government, are they?

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2 thoughts on “Tag Banned!!!! Kindergarten Playground Now Safe from Children “running in packs”

  1. Yes, we certainly cannot have “Packs” of children
    running wild. The most obvious reason for this,
    is the ultimate end results, which is seen through
    out the rest of their lives. The “GANG” syndrome.
    As these children mature, we see them “Ganging”
    in packs that resemble sports teams.
    Which also brings a splinter “Gangs” often seen as
    “Band” and “Cheer Leading” gangs.
    As these children successfully exit the pre-gang
    lifestyles and enter into the world of higher education.
    From there, they take with them what they’ve learned
    into the business world. They become notorious
    gangs of “Bankers” and evil money changers.
    But it never stops there. We’ve seen them form
    nefarious “Gangs” of sales persons which actually
    work in front organizations for crafty business minded
    war lords. Those of which, wage psychological
    warfare on all their unsuspecting victims. Which is
    represented in their average prey…customers.
    But the “gang” trend only gets worse from here.
    Once their average prey gets privy to the “Gangs”
    M.O. , the gangs hire the wicked “Lawyer” gang.
    These are known as the shake down gangs.
    Specializing in extortion methods.
    Only to be followed up with an even more ruthless
    and the most depraved of them all.
    The enforcer “gangs” known as the Feds.
    Yes friends, as these seemingly innocent children
    play what appears to be harmless games on the
    play ground. We can see the dangerous results.
    That of which, where the “Gang” life style will
    ultimately lead them.
    Those of whom which fall through the cracks,
    ultimately become a hardened “Gang Banger”
    known as “Grey Panthers”. Although many
    actually have their own names and mottos.
    Which associates themselves with their own
    groups. A wonderful documentary was made
    by the “Python Studies Group” back in the early
    1970’s where the followed a notorious group of
    elderly “Gang” members as they preyed upon
    unsuspecting members of a local town.
    These elderly “gangs” went viral as they ran
    out of their government funded drug, “Money”
    Taking out their frustrations on these towns folks
    because they couldn’t get their “fix” for more yarn.
    These elderly “gang” members can be found in
    unsuspecting neighborhoods which they gravitate
    towards. With names like Shepherds Care, or
    Rolling Green. These drug induced elderly “Gang
    Bangers” can be vicious with their years of
    experience be applied upon innocent lone
    government drones.Tthose who never “Packed Up”.
    Picking them off one at a time.
    Yes, it’s about time society as a whole, puts an end
    to this horrible life style.
    That of which, only comes from an early exposure
    of “Packing” or “Ganging”.
    We’re reminded of the immortal words of that
    renowned expert on child psychology where he said

  2. “They are purposely brainwashing the kids into thinking that any type of weapon is something to be greatly feared, as opposed to it being a tool that can be responsibly used. They are traumatizing children to instill a meek “follower” mentality.”

    The so-called ‘government’ is simply indoctrinating these kids with what they themselves fear above all else – our guns.

    Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for us), their efforts are wasted, since their time is almost up.

    Those hundreds of millions of guns will soon be coming for their miserable traitorous lives.

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