Take Your Gun Control and Shove It – We Will Not Be Intimidated

It’s been four days since the shootings in Aurora, Colorado and the propaganda machine is operating at its maximum in pushing for an end to the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution.  We are talking about the actions of one individual being used to nullify the absolute rights of hundreds of millions.  The propaganda is dirty with catch phrases and trigger words like, “a hundred loopholes”, “automatic weapon”, “control”, and “purchases tied to the internet”.

We must reject this false flag and come out aggressively against these soviets who have never made it a secret that it is their ultimate goal to completely disarm the American people.

I have heard these communists saying, “We are not talking about taking away the people’s rights to own guns for target practice and hunting.”  Listen up commie.  Our guns are not for target practice and hunting.  They are for the defense of our individual freedoms and liberties as outlined in our Bill of Rights.  Hunting and target practice are just a side benefit.

That lowdown commie whore, Dianne Feinstein, said, “Weapons of war do not belong on our streets and Congress should take steps to protect our people.”  Of course the weapons of war being carried by the police and the military on our streets and being used to murder we the people are completely acceptable.

If you do not have firearms, you had better acquire them and all the ammunition you can get your hands on.  Ammunition is being targeted here.  They will try to keep us from our lawful right to own as much ammunition as we damn well please.  This, after the government purchase of 400 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow points to be used to execute Americans.

This false flag propaganda justification for our disarmament is exactly what occurred in 1917 Russia before the genocidal executions began there.  Screw these Bolsheviks.  If they think they have what it takes to get our guns, let them try it and we will wipe every damn one of them out.

Never in the history of our nation, including before our 1st and 2nd Revolutions, have we needed our weapons more than we do today.  These unspeakable bastards are intent on committing such diabolical acts against we the people that will make that petty event in Colorado seem like a ride on a Ferris wheel.

They are running this propaganda up the pole to see if anyone will salute.  Let us give them the same answer we put forth after the false flag in Tucson, Arizona.  Let us clear the shelves of every gun and round of ammo in this country, and use the internet as much as possible to let our enemies know we will not be intimidated by their CIA/Mossad black ops.  Let them know that all they are accomplishing is to further antagonize us.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

25 thoughts on “Take Your Gun Control and Shove It – We Will Not Be Intimidated

  1. I agree 100%. Screw the UN and stop funding it. The building should be banished from our Country. Commie bastards need to go. NWO Zionist acts of terrorism will not fool anyone of us that are awake.

  2. My fellow Americans,

    In every instance where a government turned on its own people by committing atrocities,… the first step always has been, and always will be:

    Disarm them first!

    Then,.. massacre at will.

    Our perfidious and treasonous gov’t is no different.

    “….When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Depostism, it is their right, IT IS THEIR DUTY, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    Thomas Jefferson – Declaration Of Independence – Emphasis added.

    Criminal Gov’ts,.. such as the US Fed Gov’t NEVER go quitely.

    Criminal and despotic gov’ts, such as the US Fed Gov’t, will ALWAYS justify, committ to, and outright slaughter its own citizens simply to retain its criminal enterprise.

    Their is ONLY one way people through out all of history have ever abolished tyrannical and corrupted government so it could be replaced,… it must be forcefully removed,… bar none.

    This is the real reason for the Second Amendment.

    It is time exercise that most thoughtful of perogatives granted to us Americans by our Founding Fathers,.. which is – stand fast, declare this gov’t wholly illegitimate,.. abolish it,.. and provide new guards for our future security.

    It is time to use our Second Amendment Rights for the very reason our Founding Fathers granted it to us,.. to protect our Constitutional Republic and all the Individual Sovereignty tenets it wisely holds sacred., but is now being completely destroyed.

    JD – US Marines – Wondering when will Americans STOP trading their Constitutional Rights for TV shows and garbage food?

    1. When it all comes down I’m on your side. Will proudly serve with you. US NAVY, CORPSMAN, RETIRED.

      1. Hi Navy,

        It would be my honor to fight with, and along side you!

        Whne the time comes,.. lets show them they have made a fatal mistake.

        Lets show them what is means to, “Awaken the giant!”

        JD – US Marines – Standing by and ready.

        Note To Readers: US Marines do not have their own medical specialists.

        When you see a wounded Marine being treated, ESPECIALLY while under fire,.. your seeing a US Navy Corpsman!

        Nobody loves Navy Corpsman more,.. then US Marines!

        They have saved an untold number of us US Marines from bleeding to death, while putting their lives at the greatest risk,.. day in,. and day out.

        Thats just the kind of unparalled people they are!

  3. At the Ghetto roadblock one pistol held back lthe German Army, and the SS
    for a month! One armed patriot makes the difference, because cowards fear to go where Patriots dare to tread!

    1. OH-Rah TSgt Berry!

      Well said.

      There are more Patriots and Loyal Americans in this country than our treasonous excuse for a government cares to admit to itself!


      Because they are so corrupted, so treasonous, so vile,.. it is inconceivable to them that there are still good men,.. and good women in this country willing to fight for it!

      Its like asking a thief to trust someone,…they are incapable of trust because they themselves are completely untrustworthy!

      Hold fast my fellow Patriot.

      This govermnet is pushing people to a point of outright confrontation.

      Once that pandora’s box has been open,.. there will be no closing it.

      At that time, is when ALL Patriots will step forward, screw their couarage to that sticking place, and fight to take back, what has been stolen from ALL of us,… our country!

      Keep your powder dry and your knife sharp,.. the time to use them is almost upon us.

      JD – US Marine – American by birth, Patriot by choice.

  4. this and the marines story should wake up those who are still asleep.

    the starting bell has rung…..

    get ready


  5. “We are not talking about taking away people’s rights to own guns for target practice and hunting”.
    My definition of “target practice and hunting”?
    Anyone who works for any government agency or military (i.e. U.N. troops) who comes after me with the intent to kill.

    1. Dear Sue,

      I can only hope and pray that you are correct.

      Although I am awake, aware and understand the absolute threat to our Liberties,.. and our Lives,.. I fear that many still do not.

      I have done all I can to awaken as many as I can,.. but feel my efforts have been largely fruitless, although I have managed to wake up a meager several people.

      I guess we have to hope on the “multiplication effect”.

      I wake up several people,… out of that several, 1 or 2 wake up several people,.. and so on.

      Anyway,.. glad to see you understand what our corrupt and disloyal government is doing, even if you, or any of us, fail to completely understand the depths and breadth of its treachery.

      Love your family and friends,.. your God,.. and our country,.. and we will win,.. albiet, there will be a price to be paid for letting this despotic monster grow so big and out of countrol.

      JD – US Marines – time for the villigers to kill the monster roaming and raving our countryside.

      1. its happening now!!!! we need to start a group nation wide to prepare for what we need to be ready for…….who is ready to build a deffence

  6. Wait to go, Henry. Keep up the good work. Well said, my friend.

    As Princess Leia says to Tarkin in Star Wars, “The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.”

    Ya hear that, Obama? You and the UN (AKA Empire) are only encouraging us to buy more guns rather than give them up.

    Unless, of course, that is what Obama wanted in the first place…..in order to fuel a civil war and ignite it faster………If that is the case, then we must tread carefully because this guy is a true psychopath.

  7. @ JD: The biggest problem with waking people up is that most are deathly afraid of the truth. They much prefer their own little fantasy world manufactured for them courtesy of the NWO.
    Lord knows I’ve tried my best.

    1. Welcome to my world, #1NWOHatr. My family and long time friends in NY and Chicago consider me crazy and an outcast. But most of the people in TX and U.S. expats living and working in other countries know what’s up. It’s sad. It seems like we’ll eventually have another war between the people of the North and the people of the South, if the people of the North (ruled by corporations) don’t wake up to reality. The South may have lost the last war, but I’ll be damned if they lose it again. I always preferred Robert E. Lee’s tactics to Ulysses S. Grants. Grant was a wuss and won by pure luck. Lee lost it because he was overconfident. This time the North is overconfident and from what I’ve seen from living in the South, the South is anything but wusses.

      1. This is america NC and if it is a war between the north and the south, then I guess we lost – both sides!, and we cannot have that happen.!!! It is the govts., the bankers and every one else that think that they have something that will save the soul of this U S of A and I do not think that that is what America was meant to be about now , was it. Hell, there was more realistic rules when I was in grade school. Just look at what is expected of a citizen now days! There are new laws on the book every day now or at least so it seems. Hell, the founding fathers of our country would be fellons now days if they did now what they did then now wouldn`t they! By the way the north and the south were anything but wussies! It is the Govt. and govt enployies that are the pinko wussies. They are the ones that are the gutless basta@#s. They are not the citizens of the north or the south are they NC? They are the citizens of deceivment, confusement, and then control. Confusement being the first rule of terrorism – I believe – cause then if you are confused they can more easily control you, the citizen.

      2. I’m with you guys on the family living in dream land.
        no disrespect to christians but my grandma is an old school christian and obamatard who shakes her head at anything that doesn’t fit her fantasy as well as others in my family. Only one who someone has a head on his shoulders is my uncle who used to serve in the military during Vietnam(army) as he has lots of things stocked up and a secure place.

        My folks and folks like yours are in for a rude awakening down the road.

  8. Me and mine are prepped and all in. Our local National Guard unit will definitely not be on the Govts side. I’ve talked to some of these kids and they and their friends are awake. They just know enough to keep their mouths shut at work. The first ones to go will be the officers that issue Unconstitutional orders. They will then elect their own officers as per the Constitution. Fed.gov has a nasty surprise coming.

    1. That’s good to know. It won’t be long now. I hate war, but it’s time to clean out the rats, all of them.

  9. Sure looks like the balance of power has tilted. Will someone please wake up our congress, or have they all been bought too?

    1. You don’t know by now? Congress has all been bought and paid for. Only way is to vote fresh blood into every seat in Congress in order to save it. Otherwise the existing members will just corrupt them and will be bought out, too. ALA Tea Party Representatives.

  10. It’s been my world for over 4 years too, NC. At least I have been able to wake up close to maybe a dozen people or so, but it’s like pulling teeth.
    I have to hope that every one that I’ve enlightened, then went on to educate a dozen or so more, and so on. At least that way, I’ll feel as if my efforts haven’t been in vain.

  11. @ steadysteve: Your comment is like a ray of sunshine in a dark world. Much appreciated. Thanks.

  12. When i was about 17 yrs. old,my dad bought me a used .22 bolt action rifle.I used it for hunting and target practice.This was in 1965 to early 70’s.I got married,and kept that rifle.It became a protection weapon for me and my family.I lived in areas where i didn’t feel safe without it.I learned early that a weapon is needed for protection.The right to bare arms has nothing to do with hunting or target shooting,or sport.It was put in the constitution so people could protect themselves,plain and simple.Mr. Shively brought up the DHS purchasing 450 million,that’s with a M, 40 cal. hollow point pistol ammo.That’s one round for every man,woman,and child in the country,and still have 1.2 million rounds left over.Makes you wonder what an illegal Federal organization like the DHS needs so much hand gun ammo.It’s scary to even think about what they might be planning with all that ammo.

  13. Freedom theives is all they are.They want mine they can have it ,business end first.Feinstine is nothing more than a punk dirtbag .I’m not promoting violance against her in any way just saying she just got scraped off someones shoe and ended up where she is just like the rest of the gov.Worthless life sucking leaches.The gov is making a big mistake taking this road against citizens as they will find out,much to late,that they have bit off far more than the can chew.

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