Taxi Driver Beats Faulty Speed Camera In Court

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Finding fault with speed cameras has recently been an easy task. Speed cameras installed throughout the city of Baltimore were found to be so inaccurate that officials are scrapping the entire system and spending $450,000 to replace them. One issued a ticket to a driver stopped at a red light. In one small Ohio town, speed cameras issued 20,000 tickets in two weeks.

Turns out, they’re a problem beyond America too. A taxi driver in England was fined 60 pounds, the equivalent of $94.61 for driving 50 miles per hour in a 30-mph zone by a speed camera. This week, he fought the ticket and won.

Comparing two images taken by the speed camera, the lawyer for Andrew Constantine proved his speed was only 17.8 mph, according to the Daily Mail. Constantine may have simply paid the ticket and moved on, but he distinctly remembered that ride because he was driving an elderly passenger, and was careful to give her a gentle ride.

“Some other people may have just taken the medicine and accepted it, but I was innocent,” he told the news outlet. “It was nice to walk into court innocent, leave court innocent and to be completely vindicated.”

Victory, however, comes at a high price. While Constantine won’t have to pay the original 60-pound ticket, he could face 1,600 pounds in legal fees, the equivalent of about $2,500. As much as 75 percent of that, however, could be refunded based on the court ruling.

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