Teen Gets Pulled Over For Speeding, Swallows Entire Bag Of Meth & Dies

Mr. Conservative – by Kristin Tate

What would you do if you were pulled over for speeding, and there were hard drugs in your car?

19-year-old Madeleine Gene Richardson swallowed the meth in her car when cops pulled her over for a normal traffic stop.

The college student studied at Lone Star College in Texas. She was in the car with friends when police pulled her over for speeding on Friday.  

During the stop, police saw marijuana and pipes in the vehicle. As a result, Richardson and Gary Keife, the 20-year-old driver, were arrested.

A third female passenger was released, but Richardson and Keife were charged for the drugs and paraphernalia. They faced a Class-C misdemeanor.


As she was being driven to jail around 3pm on Friday, police noticed that Richardson looked extremely sick. Officers quickly suspected that she had taken something. Richardson admitted that she had swallowed an entire bag of meth before being put in the police car.

An ambulance was called immediately, and Richardson was taken to Scott & White Hospital-Brenham. Sadly, the girl was not able to be detoxed in time.

She died in the hospital the next morning around 4:30 am.

At this time, it is unknown when the girl swallowed the drugs, or how much she had. It is possible that she swallowed the baggie when cops first stopped her vehicle on the road.

The amount that she swallowed will become known after autopsy results are released.

The college student likely swallowed the drugs so that the cops would not find them — possession of meth is a felony in Texas and can result in substantial jail time.


Deputy sheriff Petrash said, “It’s a tragedy when it is such a young person. I don’t know, maybe  she panicked or got scared.”

Richardson’s obituary said, “A daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, and cousin, all of which she was proud to be.” Her parents, Rick and Suzanne Richardson, are torn apart by their daughter’s untimely death.

The 19-year-old love swimming and was a waitress at an Italian restaurant. She was a sophomore at Lone Star College.

What a sad story. Let us know your thoughts on the situation below.


30 thoughts on “Teen Gets Pulled Over For Speeding, Swallows Entire Bag Of Meth & Dies

  1. I can hear it now, someone will want lighter sentences so people will not feel compelled to do something like this and harm themselves when caught.

    1. way to support the prison-industrial-complex there, troll.
      rule no. 1 in a jurisdiction of common law – “do no harm”
      who did she harm by taking drugs? herself.
      who else caused harm? the police caused harm by stopping her in the first place. the pigs have no authority/judgment/intellect. only testosterone and weapons. Oh yeah, I forgot where I was going with this.
      anyway just die, troll.

    2. I don’t want lighter sentences. I want no sentences. Is it moral to restrict the personal activities of an adult, if that adult is not harming or otherwise infringing upon the freedom of another person? The answer is obviously no, it is not moral. I wish freedom were still valuable to the majority of the people in this country. Drugs should have never been prohibited in the first place, so lets just end the damage as soon as possible and start fixing the problems that prohibition has caused.

  2. Well let’s see. Being caught with meth would mean a felony record, which would destroy her life. So she took an uniformed chance and swallowed the evidence, and died.

    Know how much the cops loooove drug laws, that allow them to fuck with anyone anytime they feel like” Know how much judges and lawyers and “counselors” making a buck on drug prohibition looooove drug laws?

    It’s mostly about money, but it’s also about tyranny and control, all hidden behind a lie of making us safer.

  3. Deputy Sheriff Petrash(there’s a joke in there somewhere) wonders why she might have become scared or panicked when confronted by police. Dumber than a box of rocks.

  4. My meth days are long past (over 15 yrs.) but if there is one drug that should NEVER be legalized, it’s this one.

    1. Glad to hear it mate. That stuff screws people up real quick. I had a friend who had been addicted to opiates for over 40 years. He was fine with no mental or physical problems at all. He started to take meth and I swear he became a sick, mental, diseased mess within a year. He is now dead. He was a good man and a great friend until he killed himself with meth.

      1. Thanks, uL. It’s a chapter of my life that I’d just as soon forget. That cr@p made me so evil, I couldn’t stand to be around myself.

        1. There is something about meth that brings out the absolute worst in people. I know people that have used various drugs for decades including the hardest supposedly most evil drug ‘Heroin’ and it has always been the meth users that I have never trusted or felt safe around.

    2. I know a few responsible meth users, they are normal people who just have some sometimes. It doesn’t seem to impact on their lives detrimentally. Personally I know alot more alcohol users who are worse people, they get drunk every night and pick fights and abuse people, some of them cause some serious harm to people.

      If meth shouldn’t be legalised, then neither should alcohol. People should be able to use the drug or drugs they wish to, as safely as possible. If it were legal, then the profits from its sale could be used for more detox and rehabs places and education and public awareness campaigns.

      As it is now, there’s still loads of it around, just the profits go to organised illegal crime gangs, not the government. Ritalin is legal and it is speed, why not just make meth the same, prescription only, or addicts on some kind of program? Like methadone is for heroin addicts.

      The current system isnt working obviously, so something has to change, otherwise meth will always be around illegally, just that the profits will goto illegal crime gangs.

      1. Yes Jessie, you can get meth legally by prescription and it is called “Desoxyn”. Yep it is called methamphetamine HCL.

      2. Jessie, occasional use is one thing, but constant use is an entirely different story, ESPECIALLY with the garbage that passes for meth nowadays.

        I used to slam pure ether based crystal meth up in Canada back in ’73. It was made with ingredients that have long since been banned by the so-called ‘government’. It was much stronger (and cleaner) than what’s on the market these days. The people I used to party with were very trustworthy, and fun to be around, not like the scandalous, thieving, backstabbing scumbags that constitute the majority of tweakers nowadays. Many of them would sell their own mothers or sisters for an eightball.

        I came close to killing two different people back in those days, and there were others I would have liked to have killed. I am not a muderous person by nature, it was strictly due to the meth. The majority of people that I’ve known the have died in the last 20 years or so have been tweakers. It’s the one drug that I hate with a passion. I will not associate in any way with anyone who uses it

        btw, why do you think Hitlers army was so effective? Because his scientits invented crystal meth. They could go for days without sleep, giving them an edge over their opponents. In the end it was their downfall though, because after too long without sleep, they began hallucinating (been there, done that) and eventually turned on each other.

        Something you won’t find in the history books. (not that they tell the truth anyway)

        1. I couldn`t agree more with ya #1. That crap nowdays doesn`t even compare to the good old days of the 60`s and early 70`s. I wonder how many people even know that it was not even illegal untill the the mid 60`s – I think it was 66 maybe 67, it was just a banned substance for the most part back then but at least back then it was mostly pure like you say. Hell, LSD wasn`t even illegal untill about the same time back then. When it was made illegal is when they started bringing out a lot of that poisonous stuff. Not saying that any of that stuff is good for ya ya know. Just sayin` ya know 🙂 PS yep, #1, when you are up with no sleep for 15 – 20 days the hallucinations will put any LSD hallucinations to shame to be sure, I know you know what I`m talking about.

          1. The longest I ever went was twelve days before I crashed and burned, digger. I don’t think much longer than that is even humanly possible.

          2. Oh yea #1,Millard had to come and rescue me from the “little green men” and the “ninja`s”. I didn`t know if I should have jumped or run out back through the jungle. Yep #1 I even saw the deer running from tree top to tree top trying to get away from the ninja`s. No foolin man.

          3. LOL I saw fairies and leprachauns dancing around a maypole.

            In January, in the snow, in Toronto.

            Never forget that one. 🙂

          4. LOL you just had to bring up them leprachauns didn`t ya. Yep #1 they were there too only at a different day, same place though. Those days were really interesting weren`t they. I think anyway. I really loved those days but I don`t think that I would want to go there for more than a day or so anymore though if even that LOL. Yep #1, I really did love those days, now days I bet even one day for me would turn into a whole lot of days. 🙁

        2. It used to be that the recipe for making ‘speed’ was a closely guarded secret (at least in AU) and that if you wanted the knowledge you had to pay to obtain the recipe.
          Now you can find dozens of different methods to ‘cook’ it online and just a brief perusal of the online recipes should give anyone with even a little bit of chem 101 nightmares.

    3. All drugs should be legal for adults. You really think prohibition solves anything or even helps? Foolish. All prohibition does is concentrates a lot of money and power in the hands of the nastiest people on earth. Legal meth would mean the cleanest, safest possible product would be available, and bad guys like the cartels in Mexico would go out of business. Punish the crimes committed in the pursuit of meth or under the influence of meth. Don’t punish just for having or using the substance. That is stupid, crazy, and anti-freedom.

  5. She dosen`t use meth, just look at her, I mean I thought that if you use meth – like they say on all of those anti drug comercials – that your teeth fall out and ya got sores all over your face and are a homicidal maniac.

  6. Aw man Dave – LOL – I got to say it, but now they got that guy up in Wash St. that got pregnant last year ROFLMAO. I think that that was in Wash . or else it was in Ore but I think it was in Wash st. LOL.

    1. Damnit, guys, I posted this on the wrong article!!! It was supposed to be on the comments for The Word today. 🙁

        1. Yes #1 I know buddy, I still feel like someone took the boot to me and beat the crap out of me lol 🙁 🙂

  7. As much a tragedy as this is, a person is still responsible for their own actions. She should have never had that garbage in her possession to begin with.

    1. Yeah but she did. She should not have had to worry about harsh penalties for having it, otherwise she would still be alive today. Freedom is always the best policy.

  8. Of course she doesn’t look like a meth user…… She wasn’t! She made one bad decision that ended her life forever! And for that….. Her family members are all suffering now 🙁

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