Teenager With Cerebral Palsy Killed By Gang Including Three Illegal Aliens

Allan Wall

Revere, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston, is named for Paul Revere of the famous Paul Revere’s Ride.

In the year 2000, Revere was the scene of the brutal killing of a 16-year old handicapped boy. 

This crime demonstrates how that Revere, and all other American cities, are threatened by the permissive immigration policies of our own leaders.

Charles Ashton Cline-McMurray was a young resident of Revere, a 16-year old who suffered from cerebral palsy.

On October 13th, 2000, Ashton and two friends were walking back from a local football game.   They were suddenly attacked by four members of the Asian Tiny Rascals street gang.

What was their motive?

The Asian Tiny Rascals had gone out that night seeking to fight their rivals, the Blood Red Dragons, in a mutually agreed-upon gang fight.

The Rascals saw Ashton and his two friends, all three wearing red, and assumed they were Blood Red Dragons.  So they attacked them.

Ashton’s friends ran away.  Because of his cerebral palsy, Ashton wasn’t able to escape, and was surrounded by the four young men.

“Chill”, Ashton told them, but to no avail.    Ashton was knocked to the ground, and the four gang members set upon him in a brutal attack.

Sandra Hutchinson, mother of Ashton, described the attack on her son thusly: “They stabbed him. They beat him. They beat him with rungs out of stairs. They beat him with a golf club. They stabbed him through his heart a couple of times. And through his lung. They stabbed him in his abdomen. He didn’t have a chance, really.”

It didn’t take long, and Ashton was dead.

Of the four attackers, three were illegal aliens.   They were Viseth Sao, 17; Loeun Heng, 26; Savoeun Heng, 26; and Savoun Po, 26.   Only Savoun Po was not an illegal alien.

Viseth Sao, the leader of the group despite being the youngest, had stabbed Ashton four times with a cane knife, which is a machete-like tool designed to cut sugar cane.

Sao was convicted in court of second degree murder while the other three were convicted of manslaughter.

But the damage had been done.  Thanks to the failure of our government, a handicapped young man was brutally attacked and killed by four gang members, three of whom did not even have the right to be in the country.

Allan Wall

2 thoughts on “Teenager With Cerebral Palsy Killed By Gang Including Three Illegal Aliens

  1. Expect more of this type of crap along with any other gang related shit to increase. Gangs are walking right over the border and regrouping here and maybe in your town or county. Be alert and watchful and look for any signs of graffiti and colors being worn, you just never know. Do your research and learn the signs and indications of whats going on in your area, it may save your life or someone you know.

  2. So sad, but this is what this government let happens everyday . They let Illegals in everyday ,but if dont have a seatbelt on you can get killed.

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