Tell the NYPD: Don’t Handcuff Students!

handcuffNew York City police handcuffed and “interrogated” 7-year-old Wilson Reyes for hours on December 4, after a playground dispute in which $5 went missing. Wilson’s family alleges that he was held at the 44th Precinct house in the Bronx for a total of ten hours during which he was handcuffed to a metal bar, says the New York Post.

$5 belonging to another student that was to be used for a cancelled  school trip, “had fallen on the ground” in front of Wilson and two other boys. One boy took the money; Wilson was falsely accused of doing so as a result of which he “scuffled” with one of the other boys.

Why did school call 911 regarding what the New York Post says was a dispute among students. What is going on at our schools when an altercation at an elementary school is referred directly to law enforcement?

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