Texas fights to make TSA pat downs illegal

Published on Apr 12, 2013 by RTAmerica

The Transportation Security Administration is under fire in Texas where lawmakers are pushing to restrict the areas that agents can touch during security pat downs. The TSA, which was created after the 9/11 attacks, has been scrutinized for it’s too close for comfort approach when searching travelers’ bodies. Texas State Representative David Simpson (R) is leading the fight in returning the American citizens the right to privacy and joins us for more.
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One thought on “Texas fights to make TSA pat downs illegal

  1. Their new laws that they are trying to pass and get TSA to show probable cause means nothing as 1, they will just make up some excuse anyways and not tell you until after and 2, WHY ARE WE PASSING A LAW TO ENFORCE A LAW AND/OR A RIGHT THAT ALREADY EXISTS??? HELLO 4th ARTICLE!!!!

    Man with all of these laws to enforce an existing law, I feel like we are drafting a new Constitution and Bill of Rights that states we must enforce the existing Constitution and Bill of Rights. WTF?? It’s insane! What the hell is wrong with this country??!!!

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