Texas GOP chairman calls for secession

Daily Mail

Donald Trump supporters have voiced outrage after the Supreme Court refused to hear a case to throw out millions of American votes in the election, with Rudy Giuliani raging that its ‘censorship’, Diamond and Silk asking for military intervention and the Texas GOP chairman calling for secession.

The Supreme Court on Friday denied a Hail Mary effort by the attorney general of Texas who had asked the court to intervene and overturn the election in four states that went for Joe Biden, dealing a monumental blow to Trump’s flailing legal strategy.  

The president’s loyalists instantly hit out at the decision calling for various forms of drastic action in response.

Texas GOP Chairman Allen West said some states should break away from the rest of the United States and ‘bond together’ in a call for secession not seen since the American Civil War while vloggers Diamond and Silk questioned: ‘where is the military?’

Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer and the man who has spearheaded his legal battle against the election result, appeared on Fox News’ Sean Hannity to cry ‘censorship’ and claim the ‘facts have been suppressed’.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany also joined the show to blast the Supreme Court for ‘dodging’ the lawsuit and ‘hiding behind procedure’.

Meanwhile, Roger Stone, Trump’s former adviser who was pardoned by the president for lying to Congress during its probe into Russia‘s involvement in the 2016 election, marched through Washington DC in protest with members of the Proud Boys, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled a hate group.

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