The 13 Triggers for the Next Financial Crisis

Published on Sep 10, 2013 by hsdentfinancial

While financial analysts, economists, and their dogs continue to proclaim that we’re finally in a more sustainable recovery, that we’ve finally put the great recession of 2008 behind us, we continue to disagree. They say stocks are only modestly overvalued, as they were in late 2007 before the last crash. They say interest rates may be rising, but they’re still low compared to historical standards. They say a Fed tapering will be very gradual and won’t hurt that much.

We say: “Really?!”

We say if we hadn’t had unprecedented stimulus around the world, we wouldn’t even have any feeble recovery to argue about.

And now we say there are 13 triggers to watch for as we barrel toward the great crash of 2014…

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